Jaguar XJ maintains its iconic status

Jaguar XJ, one of the most popular luxury sedans in the world market, has been launched in a new and upgraded version recently. The XJ has been one of the most iconic cars in the Jaguar’s global portfolio. Though the model has been through a series of modifications and advancements since the introduction of this car to the world market in year 1968, but the 2011 XJ marks the company’s entry into a new era of designing and styling and at the same time has bid adieu to the trademark cues of Jaguar cars such as traditional grille, sculptured hood, a long tail and low belt-line. The new jaguar is a perfect combination of flamboyancy and modernization that carries an unfettered expression of luxury. As the Jaguar XJ has been a flagship model for the company for more than 40 years, changing its basic design hadn’t been an easy job to get done. It took tremendous amount of hard work of company’s engineers and designers to develop the new Jaguar XJ 2011 model.

It has also been claimed that the sketches of the Jaguar XJ 2011 had played a considerable roll in the decision of executives of Tata Motors of buying Jaguar in year 2007. According to an interview given by Gary Temple, president of Jaguar North America, to a leading Indian news daily, the upcoming models of that time made the Tata Motors to buy the Jaguar. While elaborating the design of new XJ 2011 model he said that there was a limit to how far the company wanted to take the design; as it didn’t want to lose the look it had nurtured for so long. The major attractions of new Jaguar XJ includes its lowered dashboard and all leather interiors (headliner, door posts, dash, backs and sides of the seats, and console).