Japanese milk Factory

We a baby parents have into the household Japanese milk red Milk and let you drink Jiala there but we Youmao want to the Japanese milk Department of point of the whole come out and walk both it? on the planet has a creature a cow , canal were drinking milk only beginning. How much do you Nuisance reason to side have with only the cows to stand hemp, so when people are technology more and more advanced , in order to every day milk drink , so he invented the formula. the Japanese invention called Japan, milk .
Now every day Japan’s farmers are busy milking the cows , many of the milk to be sold to Japanese milk Factory. milk A truck- in, on the tank which saved , remember to pass nitrogen. Production began , to go through pasteurization , to keep milk healthy to start the separation . Separator to cream and skim milk separate the , skim milk need to be more after a very sophisticated filtration process to become a high purity of the milk protein concentrate . Then put it into the evaporator tank, like a boil , like water, the more burning the more concentrated . Very strong milk concentrated liquid , into the spray dryer , you can put the milk erupted . Milk as snowflakes , from the attic floating down , beauty after the that is packaged . Packaging machinery the in Japan milk to pack , and then stacked classification. Classification is completed on , to the customer ‘s hands.
from China Tainted milk , causing new panic , and a lot of used in food raw material being , so the victim level is quite wide . Sanlu tainted milk when it outrageous , that is the artificial compound added too much, all eat soon hang . But when the big brands are in use , but the proportion is low, not dead , but would be harmful to health. At this time Really need to think . So now most of the parents have chosen the Japanese formula, although expensive but at least safe.
from Many people buy Japanese milk events of the To reflect the of Chinese food artificial compound to add more outrageous the broad , there is proof no of biocontrol , only from the source to the strict selection of materials ( all the popular saying – carefully selected ingredients .) Milk , in addition to the so-called baby , or nutrition add to use , in fact, are in order to reduce the cost of dairy products made one way . because the milk than fresh milk Cheaper and good preservation, the system makes the product easy sweet and delicious , and the end consumer prices low , so many guests can buy to start with. Such as the addition of milk bread, fragrant and strong milk taste , in full compliance with people in Taiwan are concentration of pure incense the standard , and then a five dollars can buy , stores also make a profit, consumers greedy to cheaper , happy. Such as milk out, consumers cursed the industry black heart of , the industry blame importer into the black heart of goods , the importer blame the government for incompetence did not check, and so compelling.