Jasmine Beckett-Griffith’s dragon and fantasy sculptures and figurines

Step full force into the world of fantasy with Jasmine Becket-Griffith. With an intense imagination and amazing artistic talent, Becket-Griffith has created some spectacular fantasy statues and paintings centered around the theme of dragons, fairies, and other fantasy creatures. The sculptures and paintings she creates are beautiful and intense; her work is very visually pleasing. Not many artists have this ability to consistently create an abundance of unique but centrally themed statues and paintings, and that is why she is so successful. Her passion for fantasy-themed art shines through in her hundreds of creations. Becket-Griffith art work can also be seen on such items as Keds shoes, bags, t-shirts, postage stamps, bank checks, and as recreations of Disney characters. There are literally hundreds of items, with more being added all the time, on which Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s fantasy creatures can be seen. Because her characters are so beautiful and leave a lasting impression on those who view them, it’s no wonder her fantasy statues and other works are so popular.

Becket-Griffith is from Celebration, Florida, but often travels the globe attending art shows and finding inspiration in the world around her. She says that she paints or works on her art each and every day. Her creations include such things as dragon statues, Disney villains, fairy statues, and a large variety of figurines. She enjoys attending art events and shows, traveling in various parts of the world, and sharing her beautiful artwork with fans via her eBay store, Zazzle Store, and through collectibles websites like BradfordExchange.com.

She has also collaborated with Disney to recreate villains, Disney princesses, Tinker Bell, and several other Disney characters with her added fantasy touch to them. Her work with Disney has helped generate a lot of buzz about her work in general and has definitely helped her to gain popularity among fantasy art fans.

Becket-Griffith’s dragon sculptures have a following all their own and are a large part of her fan base. Her dragon statues make unique, compelling decor for anyone who enjoys the world of fantasy dragons and fairies. Many fans also adore her fairy statues and paintings; many fans even have tattoos of her fantasy creatures. Thanks to Jasmine Becket-Griffith, fantasy statues are experiencing a resurgence in popularity around the world.