Jeff Salzenstein – The Ultimate Online Tennis Coach

Ultimate tennis coach Jeff Salzenstein has realized that with today’s technology on the web he can serve up his style of tennis to everyone in the world.  Now, even specific sports skills like how to have a killer tennis serve can be learned through detailed video instruction online.  National tennis champion Jeff Salzenstein is one such individual that is taking his tennis lessons online to teach others how to bring their skills to the next level.

Who is Jeff Salzenstein?

Jeff Salzenstein won his first tennis trophy when he was only 8 years old.  The initial taste of victory was something that led to a lifetime of training for excellence.  When Jeff Salzenstein  was only 12 years old he captured his first national tennis championship and later on became a 2 time All American national champ at Stanford.

Jeff Salzenstein’s 11 years on the ATP professional tennis tour clearly qualify him as a world leader when it comes to outstanding performance in tennis.Now Jeff would like to share his passion with the world, and there is no greater outlet to reach a worldwide audience than the world wide web.  It’s now possible to take tennis lessons from a high level coach, someone that can teach you how to improve all areas of your tennis game.

“Salzy”, as he is sometimes called, definitely has game.  In 2010 he crushed Andy Roddick’s 155 MPH serve record with a scorching 168 MPH heater.  Jeff wants to show you how to have yourown scorching tennis serve.

Jeff Sazenstein Tennis

Jeff Salzenstein can teach you solid technique, footwork, strategy, and mental toughness training. Consistent tennis lessons every week should incorporate at least one of the areas mentioned above.

In one hour tennis lessons with a great teacher, you will learn new concepts and review previous tips shared in earlier lessons.

Jeff’s methodology for tennis lessons is that tennis lessons should build on previous ones unless you have a specific problem that is new and requires attention.

Jeff works with his students to find the easiest solution so that they can learn new skills in the most efficient manner possible. Jeff knows that great tennis lessons will allow you to change bad habits, especially in the areas of technique and footwork, replacing these habits with new patterns that will rapidly improve your game.

You should feel positive improvement right away when you are changing a stroke or movement. Sometimes it takes several months to totally own a new shot or movement on the court, but you should feel improvement in a controlled drill within the first five to ten minutes of learning the new skill.  Jeff is well known across the world for his tennis serve.

Jeff Salznestein’s Recommendations

If you are currently working with a tennis coach and the new skill feels awkward, Jeff recommends that your tennis coach should do a video analysis during your tennis lessons.

Video analysis will give you instant feedback and help you have a clear picture of what you can practice on your own time.

With a strong passion and desire to succeed, all you need is a great coach to teach you your tennis lessons.

Seek out a trained professional or even better check out

Jeff Salzenstein online on his Youtube channel

for tennis lessons, tips, and the way to a wicked serve that will scare your opponents.