Jewelry Crafting – Find Out the Supplies You Are Going to Need

In the previous article I gave a mini intro to jewel making and where to get the tools you’re going to need. So in this article I want to cover the hardware for jewelry making and the have different types of wire. Usually though there be different gauges of wire depending on what kind bead you want to put or what kind of strength you want from them. Also there are set-sable wires and that also comes in different sizes and widths depending on the bead that your using and the strength that you need. You can also use a leather or a plastic, something that simulates leather. There are pieces of metal either silver or silver plated that are called i-pins. You can get them in different lengths too they have a little pin head on the bottom of them and those are used to put the beads on and have something to catch the beads so that it doesn’t fall off, and you can shape them as well.

Next we have something called bails and that is something that will in the hole on the bead, to hang down from the necklace. There are fasteners that you can put on the end of leather cords and they get squeezed on with your pliers. You have clasps, all kinds of clasps. You can get magnetic clasps, you can get clasps that have three holes on them if you want to make a three strand necklace. Two holes, you can get a toggle clasps or you can use either a trigger or lobster shaped clasps. And than you have crimps to and that’s another thing that’s used to fasten clasps on to the necklace and as a decorative cover to the crimps you put a crimp over on it and you can get that depending on whether your making sterling, silver or gold.

To make your earrings you have your wire and you get that in several different styles and than you have your jump rings there called and those are the rings that you use to fasten on the different parts to your necklace. You have a closed jump ring or an open jump ring meaning that is comes from the factory closed meaning there is no opening that you can bend and use or the open jump ring, or split jump ring. Which its when a side by side like a key chain, than you kind of have to layer it on there, that’s for extra protection. And one other kind of metal component that you can use is called the B cap and that is made up of either silver plated or sterling silver or gold plated gold filled. It’s a piece that fits around your gemstone usually a round gemstone and it kind of goes on either side of it and there called B caps.