Jewelry – Gifts and Milestones That Last

Every milestone of any woman’s life is almost always marked with a piece of jewelry. From birth, little girls are pierced with simple little earrings, mainly for identification of their gender. (We all know how hard it is to identify a baby girl from a baby boy especially if they are wearing the same hospital gown right?) To signify entrance to womanhood, they often receive valuable jewelry that is often studded with precious stones. And as they move on and decide to form a serious relationship with a man, they are given engagement and wedding rings to fortify the bond of love, companionship and camaraderie.

At this point some of you may be inclined to thinking, what is so special about jewelry? Why can’t men just give women clothes, bags and shoes during their engagement? Is it because women in general are always attracted to everything that glitters?

The answer to the last question is no. Women are not given jewelry just because they want it or because they are more expensive. They are given this because compared to clothes, shoes, bags and flowers, pieces of jewelry last. In fact if given proper care, they even have the tendency to outlive their owners.

In addition, they are appropriate gifts because they usually signify something that is very important. For example men in most cases do not really pay much attention to details. But when it comes to an engagement or wedding ring, you would commonly see these no non – sense men scan jewelry stores frantically just to look for the perfect bands. Why? Because these rings are the representation of something that cannot be bought with money, these rings are the perfect representation of eternal and undying love, respect and loyalty. That is the blunt truth even if you take the melodrama out of it.

This trend of jewelry gift giving has made a bankable market for these precious accessories. Today jewelry makers world wide can produce any conceivable piece of jewelry, be it the conventional necklaces, bracelets and earrings or the more radical pieces namely belly button rings, toe rings, tongue rings and so on and so forth.

Moreover, pieces of jewelry as we know it today are not only made of gold, silver or bronze. Intricate pieces can also be forged out of other metals like copper, stainless steel and platinum. In terms of design, artisans have also found means of engraving or shaping traditional symbols to the metal.

Nowadays, Irish jewelry is very popular. For those who are not familiar with them, these are body accessories which have crosses, Claddagh, cloverleaves, trinity patterns and swirls engraved into them. Although their popularity can be mostly attributed to their intricate designs some enthusiasts wear them because of the meaning behind each symbol. For example the clover leaf pattern is something that is quite famous for people who are trying to invite luck in their lives. The Claddagh on the other hand often adorns wedding bands because it represents three vital elements of a successful marriage, love, fidelity and friendship.