Jewelry Manufacturing Process

The jewelry industry at the moment is at the rise all over the world. There is a high demand of the jewelry all over the world, as a result the designer are now making new and different design to meet the expectation of the customers. in the world of today jewelry just isnt made from gold, silver or stone. However, now there are many inexpensive materials too from which all of this jewelry can be made, like brass, copper, silver, white metal, bronze all these are the metal alloys, then there are some jewelry like, ivory jewelry, quill jewelry, bead jewelry, crystal jewelry. In short there are many materials to make this stuff, however, it is no easy task. There are a number of steps to be followed and quite a huge amount of hard work needed after which something beautiful is made.

The steps are, designing, molding, casting, polishing, embellishments, finishing, plating, quality checking and transport and packaging. Firstly, the Designing, before making starting off with anything the designers first make a layout or a design of what they are going to make. Some time the design is placed by the customer and sometimes it is the work of the jewelers themselves. Without this rough sketch the craftsmen doesnt start their work. Thus design is the basis for the production of something good. Secondly, there is molding. In this process, the sketch is used to lay the base for the ornament to be made. In the molding process the shape as desired by the customer is molded out of the wax as accurately as possible as rest of the work would take place on this molded figure.

Thirdly, there is Casting. In this process the wax molded models are placed inside the steel containers which are then occupied with the investment powder. Once this is done the containers are heated to 550 C, solidifying the powder but melting the wax leaving a perfect effect. The liquefied metal is collected and cooled and then demolished to reveal the jewelry in casting form. Fourthly, in this process during mounting every part is polished and smoothened out to make is beautiful. In addition to that all the dust or any other rouge of the polish should be cleaned with the water and cloth to remove all the stains. Thus polishing is done to give the shine the jewelry.

Fifthly, there is embellishment. Once the polishing is done then the jewelry is fixed with the stone work or any other gem. These stones are cut very precisely to make sure that they fit properly. Once this process is completed it is time for the seventh process, called finishing. In this process, the products are foiled and polished again for smooth, shiny and glossy finish; moreover, hand adjustments are also made to the products.
Eighthly, the product is either gold plated or silver plated after it goes through the finishing department. Ninth step is the quality checking department where every finished product is examined thoroughly for any defects or problems and many small problems are dealt with in this department. Tenth step is the proper packaging of these products and giving them proper labels, after that they are transported to the market and then put on sale for the customers.