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Individual products over the colony more than additive

Spot checks show that some of Jiangsu Province, purified water, cold drinks excessive amount of free chlorine

Recently launched a beverage Jiangsu Bureau of Quality Supervision, Beer , Cold, pure water, T-shirts, aerosol insecticides, electric fans and other product quality supervision and spot checks. 1208 batches of food sampling, 995 eligible batch, the average pass rate of 82.4%. One, beer, drinks better product quality, and pure water, frozen Drinks There are more quality. A sample of pure Aquatic Products 965 batches, 775 batches of qualified, qualified rate of 80.3%.

Experts, the spot checks Drinking water The main products of the following several aspects: First, the total number of bacteria, mold, yeast and other microorganisms exceeded. 164 kinds of products of microbial indicators of failure, accounting for failure of 86.3% of total batch, pure seafood producers failed mainly due to filling of the bucket sanitation and environmental control is not in place. Jingkou Xue Bao Zhenjiang Food & Beverage Works June 9, 2009 production of 550 ml of bottled drinking water, drinking water plant in Jurong City 3 Shan June 9, 2009 production of 18.9 liters of bottled drinking water is not total more than the total number of colonies.

Second conductivity exceeded. Conductivity of 51 products fail, accounting for 26.8% of the total number of substandard products, Qinghe District, Huai Hong Thai Beverage Plant City, May 8, 2009 production of 550 ml of bottled drinking water, electrical conductivity 31 times more than the standard requirements. The main reason is the excessive production control process parameters, especially the ion exchange treatment plants fail to production process.

Third, indicators of excessive free chlorine. 16 products in excessive free chlorine. Which springs Co., Ltd. Yixing City, Hsinchu seamount June 11, 2009 production of 18 liters of bottled drinking water, free chlorine content of more than 200 times the standard requirements. Mainly due to excessive free chlorine disinfection detergent business is not complete.

In addition, Jiangsu has a sample of 168 batches of beverage products, qualified 153 batches, pass rate 91.1%, higher than the same period in 2008 increased by 0.5 percentage points. Compared with 2008, this sample of the beverage products of the protein, soluble solid content of the main physical and chemical indicators are satisfactory. The main problems: First, there are five kinds of products of microorganisms over quantity. Among them, Tongzhou shamisen Beverage Factory June 8, 2009 production of 248 ml low-calorie fruit-based Soft drink Total number of colonies more than 25 times the standard requirements; second overuse of 7 products Food Additives Mainly enterprises reduce costs, excessive use of sodium cyclamate, saccharin and other food additives, use of sodium cyclamate in individual enterprises and even more than the limit value of 2.6 times; Third, there are eight kinds of products the label failed, mainly failure to required labeling of food additives such as the specific name and origin.

Frozen drink products were checked 48 batches 40 batches of qualified, qualified rate of 83.3%. The main quality problems are: excessive amount of microbes, coliform content of the product exceeded; excessive amount of sodium cyclamate; the product label does not meet the standards.

Comparison, aerosol insecticides, electric fans and other summer items average pass rate of 92.1%, the overall quality is better. 8 batches of insecticide aerosol sampling, 17 batches of fans, the passing rate was 100%. Sample the results show that the production of electric fans in Jiangsu Province quality of safe and reliable.

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