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Jin Long Yue rice 1, intrigued. Some people say: With Jin Long Yue and the food grain and oil fields in the close combat of two giants, China’s grain or rice, a new round of reshuffle is about to start, rice brand to enter the consumer age. Some people say, Jin Long Yue do rice with uncertain prospects. In this regard, Fangyuan Brand Marketing Agencies believe that the success or failure simply Jin Long Yue rice are a bit subjective, Jin Long Yue rice is a pioneer or a martyr, but also the Jin Long Yue how to get to see how the market environment changes.

Strategy: Jin Long Yue is a pioneer Jin Long Yue
whether the final outcome of rice, from a strategic, the Liming Li, I think, Jin Long Yue into rice fields can not be overlooked is the significance of the.

First category from the rice for the people’s livelihood as an important basic industries, although the rice industry in recent years appeared Jin Jian, Li is the other brand, there are five permanent regional brands such as rice-producing areas, but in general, Its also in a non-brand competition in the basic stage fully. Consumers are spending most of m bulk meters. Market as a whole is rudderless. The Jin Long Yue The lifter arm out of the water calls to consumers Education Significant. It will to some extent the minds of the consumer branded consumer brands of rice prints. Three years of history from the marketing perspective, any large-scale industry usher in brand marketing, is the first initiated by one or two giants, and then the pack and on, until the completion of a comprehensive consumer education to upgrade the industry. In this sense, Jin Long Yue as the rice industry’s first to Advertisement CCTV invested enterprises, the market capacity of the role of training with originality.

Secondly, rice industry structure, the current market as a whole as a non-fully competitive in the initial stage, so businesses around the endless variety of rice, and even some enterprises are still in the hands of rice workshop stage, although the number but massless. While the long term, an industry should be a high quality level is very obvious, the main industrial competitiveness is very strong. So, Jin Long Yue took the lead force, and the food at the same time to compete, help out low-end industrial production enterprises, optimize the industrial structure, a relatively good industrial competitiveness.

Again, from the Jin Long Yue speaking, as Cooking oil No. 1 brand in domestic market has been more comprehensive sales network, formed a relatively strong brand awareness. Fought in the rice from the cooking oil can make full use of existing resources, to strengthen their competitiveness and consolidate their existing brand position.

Fourth, from consumers in recent years, Food Safety Accident endless, “Food Safety Law” has been awarded this year, the Jin Long Yue introduced rice brand, the market will be more beneficial to the general consumer brand awareness, increase the scope of food security and create a favorable environment for food consumption.

Finally, Jin Long Yue introduced rice brands from larger brands looking to do on the original product still some enlightening. From Aquatic Products From the eggs, although there has Tongwei, giggle da other brands, but the operation of the good and bad, this, Jin Long Yue as the oil giant and then in the rice industry, force, and the accumulated experience to some extent, contribute to the original product enterprises to form a good brand business model.

Therefore, from a strategic terms, Jin Long Yue made a significant rice brand.
Brand: Jin Long Yue may not want to Well
From brand operations, brand management perspective, brand marketing agency that radius, Jin Long Yue now shift to rice brand, not necessarily before making any decisions.

First, from the brand name terms, Jin Long Yue Jin Long Yue rice with the brand strategy. Kerry Oils in view, such a strategy from the rice products that can win the high reputation in a short time; from the Jin Long Yue brand speaking, more products can be accumulated through the operation Jin Long Yue brand value, can be described as double benefit. However, Liming Li my opinion, there are problems with this strategy.

First, we all know, Jin Long Yue brand name has long been bundled with the oil, as Starbucks Is tied to the same coffee. BOLA TANGKAS