Job And Employment Trends For 2010

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has listed a number of Industries as up and coming, and a current major growth trend.  There are differing information and statistics on the various online job boards, and most certainly there are opportunities worth looking at in many sectors.

I’ll be breaking things out based on the status of the industry and future growth trends.

Telecommunications and Information Technology

Always had an interest in the technical side of things? Well, according to an article from a major news source, due to the heavy reliance on mobile devices, the airwaves seem to be experiencing a traffic jam. Hence the high bandwidth networking Industry is on a growth trend.  That means those individuals with the proper technical know-how can drive a career in this field. Further, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics actually says Computer Software and Programming is a growth industry and word on the street from some sales professionals that the high bandwidth networking industry is on the grow due to the use of cell phones and requirements for wireless internet as well as streamed media.  There will also be a need for Networking Professionals as well.

Hence: Look at the Information Technology and Telecommunications Industry for career choice ideas.

Ecological, Sustainability and Evergreen

In this particular sector, Environmental Engineering and support staff will be a career of choice and perhaps for the distant future.  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this Sector of Industry is also in a position for potential future growth.  Yes, there are skeptics out there who doubt that anything needs to be done to stem the tide of overuse of the planet’s resources. However, regardless of the naysayers the growing trend in all things sustainable means those jobs in this and related fields will be here for decades to come.  There is an obvious need to protect and conserve our planets resources so this is why career fields in this sector may very well be in the grow phase with the price of oil still unchecked, green house effect concerns with the Ozone Layer, land fills and toxicity on our planets natural resources such as water and the ground in various regions.


The Healthcare Industry, covering a number of areas: Professional Medical, Healthcare in General, Home Healthcare and other related services from the small Doctors offices to the Hospitals will have a growth trend as the population ages.  There will be a number of positions required to support the overall growth of the Healthcare industry from administration, building maintenance, accounting, management and other related jobs.

Government Safety and Security

It should come as no surprise that the world isn’t as safe a place as it once was. Sure there were always conflicts, throughout our recent history up to the current war on terror. Unfortunately violence isn’t between countries, it’s between people. And as the world population grows (expected to be over seven billion this year) and there continues to be a struggle over resources and ideologies, there will continue to be a need for people to work in the fields of safety and security.

While many of these positions will be in some type of law enforcement, there is also a continuing need in areas such as systems security, intelligence analysis, digital forensics, international relations, foreign affairs, and security administration.  These careers would find more security of employment than others, though the government is also need of cash flow, these careers can be a good place to find a place in.

Again, in closing, a number of statics both in job and these fields such as: Hospitality, Accounting and Retail have some interesting employment postings and job search numbers, however the basic services will always find a place in an economy, I wanted to focus on the major trends