After graduating from a design school I used to always wonder how the real world in designing is going to be. Some questions still hover around me like what am I really supposed to do? Is it ultimately only about right words and pretty pictures? What exactly is my job? In this article, I have tried to deal with few of such questions.

A designer’s basic motto should be to use words and images to communicate between the user and the site. In short, it’s a visual expression. By the end of the day a designer acts as an intermediary between the target audience and the message. The job of a designer is to do this successfully and efficiently.

It definitely is not an easy task at hand. This needs a lot of research and practice. One can always take help from senior designers or mentors. These people share their practical experiences which they have gained through the years. This can be very valuable and one must never miss a chance to learn a thing or two from them. We are all beginners at some point of time and face similar fears. We are not born designers after all. You shouldn’t copy their styles but taking an inspiration from them will take you very far.

Collaborate your work with others when you work as a team. It’s an art to be able to merge two or more creations into one. This can explode you with such variety in your creation that there can never be anything to stop you from exponential growth towards your success.

Learn the principles of design and hone your skills to use them in practical applications. It doesn’t come overnight to you. You can only refine your skills with more practice. Just be patient with yourself and focus on what you have learn and apply in your designing. Make your work fun and add that fun element even in your creations. The more you enjoy your work, the better designer you will be.