Jon Favreau and his sequel ?Iron Man 2?

Jon Favreau, well-known for his films likes Elf and Iron Man, shared his views on the making of a successful sequel to a superhero movie. 


Jon Favreau plans to find out the time for “Iron Man 2” to hit screens. He told the Herald the previous week that everybody was surprised by Iron Man.


Wealthy industrialist Tony Stark creates an armored suit and wears it to fight evil as Iron Man. The movie harvested over $ 102 million for its first weekend premiered.


Jon said that the sequel had been centered in many discussions. However, it seemed like an eternity between the time for releasing the movie and the time the director had been on board to direct. He added that to expand the success of the first movie, there was many obstacles in many respects.


The director had mapped out the way to unveil the bad guys from the comics. By doing so, it would not be too difficult to go into the sequel. The filmmaking team endeavored to preserve the initial things which interested the audience, including Robert and Gwyneth, the suit, and the technology. The director tripled the villain factor by characterizing Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson, and Sam Rockwell.


Iron Man directed by Jon Favreau was the first Marvel-produced movie. He served as the director and an executive producer. During the early scenes in Iron Man, he appeared as Tony Stark’s loyal friend Happy Hogan.


He landed his first film role alongside Sean Astin when in Chicago. The director appeared on the popular TV sitcom Friends in 1997. He starred in Rocky Marciano in 1999, appeared in Love and sex in 2000, got some screen time in the Daredevil 2003, starred in The Big Empty. He appeared in the Replacements as maniacal linebacker Daniel Bateman and played in Sopranos episode as a Hollywood director.