Judge the Best Yoga DVD by Its Results

You will know the best yoga DVD according to how well it measures-up against your standards and how well you progress with its guidance. You especially will know the best yoga DVD by your results.

How many thousands of new and used yoga DVD’s can you find at the thrift store, the flea market, or on the internet? Given the wealth of choices, you have every right and every good reason to demand exactly what you need and want from the one you choose. If your current yoga DVD does not satisfy you, keep trying until you find the best.

You need not, however, search randomly or by intuition, hoping luck of the draw, your angels, or serendipity will lead you to the best yoga DVD. Use your internet resources to locate exactly what you have in mind. Find your kind of yoga with the kind of instructor you like. Match your DVD to your level of skill and fitness, making sure it will help you achieve the results you want. If you want a DVD to take you to the next higher level, make sure you find one with progressively more challenging practices. If, on the other hand, you wish to remain an advanced intermediate, diversifying your practices to make them interesting and maybe even fun, read descriptions and reviews with a discriminating eye.

As you search the web for just what you want, read reviews from other users. No one ever bought a DVD from amazon.com without writing a review; and no reviewer ever expressed his or her opinion diplomatically. Whether or not the stars correspond with the comments, the comments will leave no doubt about a yoga DVD’s quality. In addition to reading a representative sample of the reviews, do not hesitate to check the sales rankings. If a yoga DVD has sold only twenty-two and a half copies in nine years, you reasonably may infer it fails. Indulge your own passions and preferences, too. Like everything else, yoga has stars, celebrities, personalities, and sad runners-up. If you do like the instructor’s voice, you will work with the DVD once and never return.

The most popular yoga DVD’s come in series, and most of the series offer online samples. The same producers, directors, and instructors collaborate to present different kinds of DVD’s for different audiences. Watch and work with an online practice, determining whether or not it satisfies your needs. As you advance, choose targeted DVD’s consistent with your objectives. If you want more stretching, more strength-building, more relaxation and meditation; choose accordingly.