Juiced Fruit and Vegetables – Nourishment in Its Purest Form

There was a time when raw foods had to be consumed by first peeling them and then chopping them into manageable pieces. People who were acknowledged as being health conscious ate two or three items of fruit with their lunchtime sandwiches, sitting on a bench somewhere in the park armed with a fruit knife.

The World has moved on since then and it is now widely believed that at least a third of one’s daily intake of food should consist of raw vegetables and fruit. In the days before efficient juicers were invented, athletes ploughed through piles of fresh fruit and vegetables and spent literally hours trying to consume adequate amounts to provide accelerated energy levels.

Now we can drink a glass of juiced fruit and vegetables with the required amount of supplements to provide us with the pure nourishment we need on a daily basis. In the cooking process, many natural qualities are removed from foods. By juicing raw foods, we preserve these nutrients.

Serial juicing experts have an abundance of tips for making raw juiced foods taste great and perform to maximum nutritional levels. Adding cucumber to water can make all the difference to the taste of a vegetable recipe; adding fresh lime to anything can contains ginger will add flavor and interest; for a tropical taste, adding coconut or pineapple can improve the blend; for a dessert juice, using yoghurt as a base will produce a milk shake effect.

When considering introducing juiced meals into a balanced diet, it is a good idea not to go overboard and try consuming three juiced meals per day and nothing else. Solid foods have a place in a healthy eating regime and although juicing raw foods will produce a detoxification effect, especially if adopted as part of a program using supplements, the human body possesses the natural instinct to chew food.

Start by juicing breakfast and eating a light lunch. A good idea is to introduce cereal bars into the equation as these provide fibre and grain. Try sticking to white meats and fish for a main meal once a day and cut down a little on starchy potatoes for a week or so. Drink plenty of water and avoid snack foods that are high in fat and sugar. The improvements in general health and energy levels will be dramatic.

Try purchasing organic fruit and vegetables and avoid foods that have been chemically grown. Add a little protein powder to breakfast juice as it will ward off hunger pains through the rest of the day. Try adding Goji berries and flaxseed to your diet and see if there is an improvement in the way you feel.

A good quality juicer will completely transform the way you eat food and over time produce shiny hair, stronger teeth and nails, accelerate energy levels and generally create a better and healthier body environment. If you do not have a good juicer, buy the best you can afford to guarantee long service.