Jukebox Software ? Make Your Computer A Jukebox

Many of us have a large number of music tracks and videos stored on our personal computers or laptops; jukebox software accesses and plays all this music taking it to a new level. It in fact turns your PC into a fully featured touch screen jukebox or Karaoke machine.

You can find lots of software that will simply play your music. However, if you want to do more than just listen to your music, software like Jukebox software, Karaoke software, Digital Jukebox software and Video Jukebox software are excellent for you.

Computers just have normal media players that can only allow you to play the songs. Jukebox Jockey software is, on the other hand a specific software that, offers a whole gamut of things that you can do with your music.

What Does Jukebox Jockey Software Do For Your Music

Jukebox Jockey helps you sort out and arrange your music in various ways. You can put your music together in play lists or categorize them in anyway you want. Your entire collection of music is playable in the software irrespective of the format. The software is capable of playing all the different media formats. It supports music in all formats. It supports video files in all major formats. It supports Karaoke files in MP3+G and .ZIP formats. It uses album art in tags, folder.jpg format, or other custom formats. Above all, it organizes, categorizes, and displays your media in various ways.

No matter how much music you have, it will always be traceable with this jukebox software. Basically, the software puts in all the functions of a jukebox so that you don’t have to go running to your computer to change songs, but can decide and make your player play what you want in the order you want.

However, these are just the basic functions of Jukebox software. The software can do so much more now. If you are a DJ, and are looking for an easy way to find an queue your songs, Jukebox Jockey is perfect for you too. It is the ultimate DJ software and can help you to manage and play songs the way you like.

You can do this in a far easier and less complicated manner. The software also includes inbuilt functions like karaoke in which you can view the karaoke lyrics on-screen. You can also use the software to mix between music, karaoke, and video all in one. Besides, you can also output the video or karaoke lyrics to multiple displays.

They also have different ways to help a professional DJ manage music better. You can add databases on to the software in many formats. You can attach multiple monitors to have a different outputs on different screens. Furthermore, you can set different passwords so that your customers can access their music when they want to, without disturbing the flow of the party or event.

Jukebox Jockey also provides various advanced tools that can help you amplify, fade and change sounds in various ways while you are playing them. Besides Jukebox Jockey, just don’t forget to have a look at the other types of software available.

Visit www.jukeboxjockey.com.You will probably come across several features they offer which will ease your tasks of requesting and playing songs and music a wonderful experience. You can get jukebox software for the home or for your commercial use depending on your needs.