Kare-N-Liver: Your Liver’s Best Friend

Who could argue that most of us love partying? Especially with all the sumptuous food served like roasted beef and lambs, medium rare pork cuisines, chicken and turkey, seafood such as prawns, lobsters, and so much more. Couple them up with alcoholic beverages and sodas plus enjoy smoking with friends, right after a luxurious meal? We can eat anything we wanted anytime and anywhere. Indeed, everything in life seemed to be perfect until your liver says “no”.

Yes. Your liver might have been totally overworked and damaged without you knowing it. Your liver is one of those organs that never stop working, such as your brain stem and heart telling your body to breathe and circulate blood. However, with all of the harmful substances we intake in our daily lives such as food, alcohol, and smoke from smoking, second hand smoking, and pollution, our liver may not be able to perform well through time. Not to mention that people get irritated and stressed out more easily if the liver is failing to function appropriately. As a result, it fails to eliminate those harmful poisons from entering our body and this will eventually lead to different health problems.

This is how important the liver is for our body and it must be detoxified at least two times every year. Through detoxification, it will help your liver to expel harmful toxins out from your body. It will also help your body convert fats into energy, efficiently digest the food that you eat, regulates blood sugars, and minimize your stress levels. The liver is one of the most essential organs in our body doing thousands of tasks for your body’s processes. Therefore, it must be well taken care of and never neglected.

Kare ~n~ Herbs understands the importance of such a vital organ and along with its functionalities. This is why Kare-n-liver was formed. Kare-n-liver helps the liver cleanse itself of toxins which will adversely harm your liver’s function through time. Schizandra is the primary and active ingredient that can be found in this product. Schizandra is a type of an herb that belongs to Magnoliaceae plant family. It is a woody vine that crawls with little red berries similar to grapes. This herb is native to Asian countries particularly in China and Japan. The berries have the combination of sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, sourness and spiciness. In China, they call it as Wu Wei Zi which means five-taste fruit. These Schizandra berries are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other essential oils.

Through studies and extended research, it has been proven that Schizandra is the most effective liver protective substance identified. With its strong anti-oxidants, it boosts the heart’s function, the circulatory system, the endocrinal glands, and most importantly, the liver. This is why Kare ~n~ Herbs formulated Kare-n-liver to provide a support system for the liver. Kare-n-liver, with the help of Schizandra, is more effective than regular vitamin E intake. By enhancing your cells with more oxygen, Kare-n-liver supports your body fight mental and physical stress. Not to mention that it strengthens up your liver from stress itself which will result to greater performance and well-being.

Kare-n-liver embraces the following factors to better your liver’s performance:

Non Toxicity – Toxicity is when a substance causes harm to your body. It can refer to organisms from animal, bacteria, and plant. Kare-n-liver is non-toxic and is safe for human health.

Water Soluble – Kare-n-liver dissolves easily in water for quicker body absorption.

More Powerful than Vitamins E and C – Vitamin C is essential for metabolic reactions which protects the body from oxidative stress. Vitamin E, on the other hand, is essential for normal reproduction of antioxidants in the body. Kare-n-liver combines the two and added the powerful constituent of Schizandra.

Fights Free Radicals – A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell. Kare-n-liver induces important antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in your liver.

Balances Sleep – With your liver well taken care of, you will be able to relax and sleep better.

Fast Acting Liver Cleanser – Unlike conventional medicines, Kare-n-liver has fast acting results for liver detoxification.

Relieves Stress and Boost Endurance – Kare-n-liver eliminates the stress and boost endurance by clearing out toxins out of one’s body to be able to perform well and cope up with everyday demands.

Enhance Immune System – With clean and healthy liver, fighting foreign matters and diseases can be successfully achieved.

Safe and Effective – Kare-n-liver has no side effects and is free from toxicity which make the product safe for everyone.

Kare-n-liver is your liver’s best friend. If you care for your body whether it’s inside or outside, you should take care of your liver as well. Be a liver lover today!

Chicken Head Tracking – Smarter Every Day

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Chickens have a great ability to keep their heads stable. Our bodies use a gyro-like mechanism in our ears which has 3 mutually orthogonal inertial measurement devices. Modern motion processors use something called an Inertial Measurment Unit (IMU). These devices provide movement data which can be used to compensate for the movement. Chickens apparently have the same type mechanism only with a higher update rate.

*Update* The chickens were eaten by the family dog. WHOOPS! 🙁

*Update #2* Sis and I are shot a music video. If you’re interested search for “Briley brand new key”

*Update #3*
Currently under non-exclusive license to be played on Fuji-TV in Japan. Ha Ha. Who would have thought?

*Update #4* July 10th, 2009 1 MILLION HITS Woo Hoo!

* Update #5 Sep 25th 2013 This idea was used in a commercial by Mercedes: “Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial ”

~~~~~~~~ German / Deutsch courtesy of Bursaap ~~~~~
Hühner haben eine bermerkenswertige Fähigkeit ihre Köpfe stabil zu halten. Unsere Körper benutzen ein gyroskopisches Mechanismus das drei gegenseitige senkrechte biomechanische Inertialsensore. Moderne bewegungs Prozessoren benutzen einen sogennanten Inertial Measurement Unit, eine art Inertialsensor. Diese Geräte geben Daten an so dass es möglich ist die Bewegnung auszugleichen. Hühner haben anscheinend das selbe Biomechanismus aber mit höhreren aktualisierungs Häufigkeit.
*Update* Die Hühner wurden bei dem Familienhund gefressen! OOOPS 

*Update #2* Meine Schwester und Ich haben ein Musikvideo aufgenommen. Wenn es Sie interresiert suchen Sie “Briley brand new key”

*Update #3*
Dieses Video wird in Japan auf Fuji-TV Spielen. Ha Ha. Wer hätte es gedacht?

*Update #4* July 10th, 2009 Eine Million hits! Geil!


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