Kebabs in Delhi – For the Connoisseur

One of the peaks of Indian cooking is the Kebabs – and Delhi is the easiest place to sample them, a variety of them.

Kebabs owe their origin to the North Western province of India. Delhi is the capital of Kebabs now. There is something about eating a kebab in Delhi – topped with desi flavours, ready to melt in your mouth, lip smacking, spiced up, sweet lemon droppings, careless onion rings and tongue biting – twitching green chutney.

We mention few joints where you can sample them:

Karim’s Jama Masjid:

Arguably the best destination in Delhi to sample authentic kebabs. The setting cannot be better. Smack in the Muslim part of old Delhi, just off the magnificent Jama Masjid. Ideally, visit for dinner. This way you can absorb the local atmosphere. This establishment dates back to 1913. Open all days of week. Easy on your pocket as well.

Khan Chacha, Khan Market:

This is a small place, located in a heritage market near the Lodhi Gardens. Very delicious kebabs here.

Al Kauser, R K Puram:

Rivalling Delhi for kebabs is another town Lucknow. Lucknow’s most famous export Kakori Kebabs are found here. Must visit. The kebabs, wrapped in Roomali roti are absolutely divine.

Colonel’s kebabs:

Located in Defence colony, the kebab offerings here are just awesome. They have done and continue to do something different than the traditional kebab shops. They have an innovative menu.

Bukhara, Maurya Sheraton:

This is a posh place. The celebrity A list dines here. Bill Clinton has endorsed it. Expensive. Famous. Figures in guide books as a must visit. Famous for Murgh Malai Kebab. The menu is limited but both sufficient and fulfilling. A specialty of theirs is the super sized Naan. Worth the experience.

The Great Kebab Factory, Sector 18, Noida:

The Great Kebab Factory brought in an innovation in the kebab serving establishments. The factory (restaurant) serves hundreds of varied kebabs, very beautiful to look at and simply delicious. The price is fixed, you can eat as much as you want. Try the galauti kebabs and the rotis prepared on inverted tawa.

Chor Bizarre, Hotel Broadway, Asaf Ali Road:

This is a must visit restaurant. Not only the kebabs but for other items on the menu as well. They specialize in Kashmiri food and are located in old Delhi. They have a bar as well. Every item on the menu is recommended. They have a branch in London as well. Try the Mirchi Korma, Gustaba, Suffiani Machhi, Gazab ka Tikka, Galauti Kebabs.

Nizam’s Connaught Place:

Located in the heart of city, easily accessible, this itself is enough for the place with a nawabi history. Primarily for non-vegetarian eaters, do try the aromatic Kathi Kebabs, Biryani and roasted Kebabs.