Keep A Young Heart

Do you know what is the most powerful in the world? Not the presidents of the countries, not the men of unusual strength, not the world famous scholar, not the wealthy person, but it is the time. No matter what you own, how powerful you are, we all will get older and older, then we will die, everyone of us cant escape from the control of time.
So as you know, the time of our lives are limited, all of us will die in the end, so we should live a better life, to accomplish your dreams, and what more importand is, never be in terrible mood and try your best to live happily.
We survive in the world, the power of anyone of us is too little, we often suffer from the very bad things, difficulties, and other things we dont like, in this condition, many of us may feel depressed, sad, or something like that, even you may hate the life, want to commit suicide, but that is very wrong, because on the earth we human beings are the most powerful creature, even we could decide other creatures life, and other people dont have the right to control your life, so you are totally free, that is very important, and you definitely should be very happy about that, on the other hand, there are many people living a worse life than you, even they cant eat their fill or have warm clothes, and the people who living a better life than you must pay much more than you, and if you want to live a better life, you should work harder, so this is the world, very simple and very fair. So if you could keep it out, just live happily, because life is too short, it will end even before you could notice that, try to keep a young heart, just like the Juicy Couture brand, it is always make you feel fresh and new, you will be full of energy, as if you could own everything only if you try hard, isnt it beautiful?
So now lets enjoy our life from now on, the time could only decide the length of our life, but only we could decide its depth!

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