Keep Multiple File Uploads Organized With A Flash Uploader

All website builders want their visitors to enjoy using their sites and a flash uploader can help to make this possible for many types of sites. If a site is well designed and user-friendly, they are likely to spend longer on it and return on a regular basis. If a website is slow and not properly optimized, users will typically leave it and not return. Any website should also encourage visitors to share pages that they find interesting such as by using social networking.

If you have a website where you want users to be able to upload and share photos, you will need to take some extra steps to make sure that the process is as easy and efficient as possible. Trying to encode this feature by using standard HTML code is complicated and rarely efficient. As you can probably already imagine, this process is not going to be particularly user-friendly and your visitors will quickly grow tired of the complications involved. Also, there is often no way of telling how long the process will even take. Fortunately, however, there are other, more convenient ways of uploading files through a web browser. Extending the functionality of HTML can be done using Flash, for example. These features are also available for almost all operating systems and web browsers.

Creating Flash applications yourself is, however, an entire skill in itself and something that can be just as complicated as designing a website from scratch using only HTML. A flash upload solution which you can use straight off not only saves you a great deal of time, but it can also make the process far easier. There is plenty to choose from when it comes to flash uploaders, but there are not so many which provide the cost-effectiveness and the amazing ease-of-use as Aurigma Image Uploader Flash.

Aurigma Image Uploader Flash is a readily prepared flash uploader which you can implement easily. The flash upload software allows users to quickly and efficiently upload multiple files without restrictions. Thumbnails of photos to be uploaded can also be displayed so that users can preview the files before uploading them. A progress bar also informs the user of how much time is left before the process will be complete.

Aurigma Image Uploader Flash can, in spite of its name, also be used to upload files of other types as well. There is also a wide variety of extra configuration options. These can allow you to resize a photo or simply upload the original file. Being able to resize the uploaded photo makes the process far more web-friendly and quicker as well. A 5+ megapixel photo is hardly appropriate for the Internet since it will be too large and take too long to upload and download.

If you need to integrate a user-friendly flash upload control to your website, Aurigma’s solution provides you with everything you need. This will save you time and make sharing files over your website easier than you probably imagined. To find out more about this powerful flash uploader, visit BOLA TANGKAS