Keep The Holiday Spirit Going With Festive Stories

Story time is one of the things that make any time and place exciting and fun, and this is especially true when it comes down to children. They havent had a lot of permanent ideologies or adopted a set way of thinking like most adults have, so stories take on an entirely different meaning to them. Their able to make the stories the hear come to life in their minds, and thats something truly special that not only encourages learning, but will also serve to help them be more creative and thoughtful as well. Telling stories about the season that have been passed down through the years will not only give them something to think about, but will help them to have a lot more fun filled excitement before and during the big day.

The holidays can be both exciting and very stressful for children. With all of the events such as food preparation, family gathering, and wondering if they were given the presents that they wanted from Santa zipping through their heads, Christmas can be a bit overwhelming at times. Sure waiting for a letter from Santa can be exciting, but after the Santa letter is received, they dont have much meaning from it as from something that could give them value. Not that the idea of Santa Claus is bad, it just doesnt leave them with much more than thinking of themselves when it comes down to it. Christmas is more than just getting what one wants, so having something that can not only be enjoyable, but leave a lasting impression of responsibility can and will help to keep not only the holidays joyful, but also other aspects of life as well.

A great way to introduce values into children is with the use of storytelling. The retelling of stories new and old can leave a lasting impression on children, and help them to learn and cope with different scenarios in life. Christmas stories will more so focus on the meaning of and purpose of celebrating the holiday, which is a good thing because it wouldnt do to celebrate being gifted!

Some stories that are great to relay to children during the season are the classics such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, A Christmas Carol, and Twas the Night Before Christmas are all great pieces that can help children learn the importance of being caring and accepting of others. While over the years there have been a variety of books to come out with ever changing scenarios, and new characters and plot twists to add to the mix, one thing that hasnt changed are the overall themes: peace and goodwill on earth.

Christmas means different things to everybody, but one meaning that it has in common for most people is that it should be about family, and bringing people together at least once out of the year. Sure bits and pieces of certain things have progressively changed over the past few decades. For instance shopping has taken up a huge place in the whole Christmas field. Although its true that Christmas has in many ways become a marketable season, teaching of what Christmas is about through stories is a great way to keep the holiday spirit alive and well. Hopefully the feelings of charity and goodwill last longer than the day of, and with Holiday stories focused on morals and the good being rewarded, theres a better chance of it happening. BOLA TANGKAS