Keep Your Pet Healthy And Happy With Pet Vitamin Supplements

Todays TV commercials always show a happy pet that eats the companys food. But, in some cases, that is not totally true. Pet food may seem tasty for your dog or cat, but this does not mean that it provides the proper pet nutrition.

Pet foods are all processed and that can cause loss of nutritional value and vitamins are especially degradable and can be lost from the processing and even just length of time the food is on the shelf or a bag is open. Pet vitamin supplements are processed specifically with that in mind to preserve the vitamin availability and are stored and bottled to protect it as well.

Also consider that different animals have different needs. For example, cats need Taurine in their diet to protect their eyes and heart, whereas other animals can produce this amino acid from other ones. Some dogs are prone to skin allergies and supplementing certain oils can help. On a closer look to all the cat breeds or dog breeds, you will immediately notice that there are small and big cats or dogs, hairy or less hairy cats and dogs, dogs that go blind sooner than others, cats that have early kidney disease compared to other breeds. Knowing your animal can be the perfect place to start once you decide to put it on pet supplements.

Pet vitamin or supplements manage to give the animal exactly what it needs. Just like in humans, the pet has to go first through a medical check. This is to ensure there is no contraindication for such a supplement and also to determine if there is any need for specific ones such as to support liver or kidney function, vision, etc..The vet can tell you precisely what type of pet vitamin or supplements your animal needs after and exam and possible some blood tests.

Good pet nutrition is what makes a healthy animal. A healthy animal is a happy animal that has a strong body to protect him from diseases and even raise the length of life for the pet. Some of the pet vitamin supplements address specific areas of the body to improve your pets life expectancy, allowing you to enjoy your animal for extra years.
That and allowing your pet to feel his or her best while here are ultimately what is important. Our furry friends deserve the best.