Keeping Disneyland Memories Alive

“When you wish upon a star…” Of course, you have already heard of this line from a famous song. For kids, and even kids at heart, only one place comes to mind whenever they hear it, Disneyland! For years this world famous wonder park has been one of the world’s happiest places. People from all corners of the world come together in this place with nothing but smiles painted on their faces. It seems like a world of endless fun and adventures. It sure is a treat for the whole family to be in Disneyland!

What’s in Disneyland that keeps on attracting people to come? Well for starters, the well-loved characters of Disney animated pictures live here! Donald Duck and Daisy Duck always have their cute, wiggly tails to surprise you. Goofy and Pluto will keep you entertained with their delightful tricks up on their sleeves! Of course, Disneyland will never be complete without the most famous mouse in the world, Mickey Mouse and his equally popular lady love, Minnie Mouse. Oh, let’s not forget about the Disney princesses, too! Snow White, Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine are some of the beautiful characters we have learned to love.

It truly is a joy to be in Disneyland! Who can resist the attractions inside Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland! You can never get tired of all the sights and sounds of the place, not to mention the fun rides and the amazing park sceneries that will surely take your breath away. It is only here where every person is always happy and cheerful and sadness is a big no-no! Even adults release the child within them and toss all their cares in the wind. You can only wish that everyday be Disneyland day!

Of course, you can’t just leave Disneyland without something to remember your visit with. Hundreds of souvenirs are available from simple trinkets, to cute character magnets, T-shirts, caps, slippers, stuffed toys, photo frames, key chains and many more! A family picture with your favorite Disney character is also something you can be proud of. Just like the fun and laughter in the place, ideas for keepsakes seem to be as endless, too!

The Disney fever still continues even outside the park. Cable Television offers the Disney Channel where all Disney productions are shown, from the classic animated series of Mickey Mouse to today’s hottest Disney movies like High School Musical. Thousands of Disney merchandise like towels, bags, swimwear, and watches are readily available from stores all over the world. Even Mickey Mouse Cufflinks are available. They are made especially for those who like to express their being a Disney fanatic in a subtle way. For the one who wears them, it simply says that beyond the formality and seriousness of it all, there is still a child within always ready to come out. Mickey Mouse cufflinks indeed will never go out of style. Just like the character, it will be a lasting treasure. There’s no shortage of the Disney experience whoever you are, anytime and anywhere you might be.