Kidney Disease and the African American Community

There is all this talk about Government health care.  This is something lower-income and minorities should be involved in. Why do you think this is being opposed? The majority of African Americans are working on jobs that don’t provide health care.  When they need medical help, they go to a free clinic or a teaching hospital.

These medical facilities are breeding grounds for experimentation. Have you ever looked around and noticed how many African Americans are on kidney dialysis?  Do you really believe that many people have bad kidneys?

My sister told me about a lady that had a mother to die from “kidney disease”.  The hospital told her children to get tested, because they probably had it, but they couldn’t tell them the specific disease. Those that were tested, have either died, or are living a horrible life on dialysis.  Those that weren’t tested, are in good health.  One of the siblings that is on dialysis, was told “she has been taken off the transplant list, because she can’t afford the medication”.

I had a friend to go into the hospital, they did open heart surgery, and put her on dialysis, when she asked them why she was on dialysis, they told her, her kidneys had been bad for years, she just didn’t know it.

The horror stories go on. There are dialysis centers working 24/7. Why do you think hospitals for major universities are located in urban areas, sometimes miles from the university? When you go in to that doctors office, or the hospital room, be ready to ask questions. Read everything before you sign it, if you aren’t sure what it is, have it explained to you.

You must be able to tell them about the problem you’re having.  Be specific, read and learn your body.  If you are able to tell them something specific, they are less likely to experiment.

The other area that has become a huge problem, Children being placed on medication for behavior problems.  This is a huge problem, and the school system is playing a big part in this. Teachers are not psychologists, but they are the ones that have children placed on medication.

This is of great concern, because, parents can get a check for these children, when they are placed on medication.  It was thought these were problems in particular areas of the country, but it has become apparent, this is all over the country.  Children are being taken from homes, solely on the recommendations of teachers.  It’s know as legally kidnapping.  There are reports of children dying from this medication.  Most people don’t realize, the drug company pays the school for putting children on Ritalin.

Research shows that when children have used retain and are taken off, they become violent. If you only read one book in your life time, make it, Medical Apartheid, by Harriet Washington.