Kidney Stones Diet Plan – Foods To Eat And Avoid

Kidney stones are formed due to different factors. Commonly, it is produced because of the persons unhealthy diet. Eating foods that can increase uric acid level is a good example of this. This kind of illness makes the victim experience an unbearable pain. Thus, having a kidney stone diet plan is suggested for people who have kidney stones in order to help them eradicate it.

Taking in foods that are high in oxalate content can help develop kidney stones. Oxalate is frequently acquired from plant foods. For people with kidney stones, their kidney stones diet plan must not include foods like spinach, chocolate, dry beans, asparagus, anchovies, strawberries, beets, tea, organ meats, rhubarb, etc., for they are known to be high in oxalate content. By avoiding such foods, it can help out in eliminating kidney stones and can hinder the formation of it as well.

Calcium is very important to the body for it can help deal with kidney stones problem. It is necessary to attain the right amount of calcium needed by the body daily to help your doctor determine whether you have to lessen its amount or increase the intake. This mineral assists in hindering oxalate from combining with urine by binding it in the intestine. Foods that are good sources of calcium are dark green leafy vegetables, cheese, milk, yogurt and other milk products.

For the body to do its function normally, it needs the adequate amount of protein. An excess in the intake of foods that are rich in protein will cause kidney stones to develop because this will also increase the purine content of the body. Kidney stones patient should limit the amount of protein their body must absorb daily to help eradicate and prevent the formation of kidney stones. Some of the protein-rich foods that should be eaten in minimal amounts are eggs, poultry, red meats, pork, and fish.

Water plays an essential role in the elimination of kidney stones. Having a lot of water daily is good for kidney stones patients for it can help neutralize the amount of minerals and chemicals inside the body. This will dilute urine, thus preventing a stone to form. Drinking 10-12 glasses of fluid, especially water daily will also be good to be a part of kidney stones diet plan.

Decreasing the amount of sodium intake will help a kidney stone patient. Salt is our primary source of sodium. So quit putting in salt to your dishes when cooking to help you do away with the kidney stones. Therefore, having a kidney stones diet plan is badly needed for victims in order to prevent them from experiencing too much pain. BOLA TANGKAS