Kids Bedding – How to Buy the Best For Your Children’s Bedroom

Designing the nursery or kids room is fun, but it is all too easy to find that what you have created looks good, but is flawed.

My two sons have certainly taught me about the practicality of living with kids – and surviving.

1.Being Practical is important – However pretty a duvet is you will still have to wash it. Usually colored or textured fabrics are limited to a thirty degree wash.

Will you really need to hot wash your kids bed linen? With healthy children there is no need to always wash their linen on a boil wash. The problems lie if they get a high temperature. Fever in children can cause vomiting and nose bleeds, also the deeper sleep means that bed wetting is more likely.

2. Looking Good – Children have hectic days, and they earn a calm nights sleep. When you check on them at night it is lovely to see them in an attractive bedding set. You may not want to see spider man, a power ranger, or even Barbie looking back at you from the bed linen.

3. Keep it Affordable – if you spend a lot of money on an item it is often more upsetting if it gets ruined. It’s true that you need to teach you children to respect things, but some situations are unavoidable. For example, if you child has a nose bleed at night (an all too often occurrence in our house) you don’t want to be worrying about the bedding, equally you don’t want them to be upset about ruining the bedding.

On the topic of staying practical, if your child is still of bed wetting age then it is worth investing in some Pampers bed mats, they go under the sheet and are very absorbent, while being so soft and thin that they are completely un noticeable.

Before you get too carried away and buy lots of different sets of kids bedding, it is worth remembering that you really only need two: one on the bed and one being washed! If you are considering different designs it may be worth keeping them similar or having one plain so that you can mix and match is there is ever a need to.