Kids Cameras That Will Satisfy Those Little Shutterbugs

For whatever reason, kids seem to be drawn to photography. As soon as mom or dad take out the camera, they start reaching for it and before you know it, you have some very decorative fingerprints all over your lens. Instead of fighting them off, why not choose one of the many kids cameras that are on the market and let them have their very own camera.

Instead of using an old camera that does not work, you can actually buy a kids camera for next to nothing. Most of them can be purchased for less than $ 50 and will provide your child with a working camera that they can call their very own. The best part is that it is not the fake cameras that we used as kids, but a real working camera with a functioning zoom lens and the ability to take hundreds of pictures.

If you have a preschooler that is dying to get their hands on your camera, Fisher Price has the perfect camera for them. The Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera can get dropped, kicked and thrown around as much as they want and should barely have a scratch. The pictures won’t be that good, but it will give the kids some experience with how a real camera works.

For the next step up, you would be wise to purchase the VTech Kidizoom Camera. While it may not be as durable as the Fisher Price, it is pretty close. It has a protective outer shell and an impressive 1.8″ viewing screen. With 16MB of internal memory, the kids will be able to take all the pictures that they want of the kindergarten class. The only thing that is a little tough to take is that this camera actually has games that will not only burn through the batteries, but also keep the idea in the kids heads that this is a toy and not a camera.

For older kids, The Sponge Bob Squarepants Kids Camera is the perfect choice. It has a great look to it the actually emulates an adults camera and has some pretty nice features. Two of the more impressive features are the 4x zoom lens and the ability to store 200 pictures. While the camera may not produce top end photos, this is the real deal. It is a great camera to buy for your child that will allow them to truly learn how to operate a camera.