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Electric kitchen packages for “sets” of whom live in?
Not wise to rush into Burning hot product requires strong technical and market accumulation
Current water heater industry has experienced: Burning hot strength, electric strength and electric current is still higher than the burning heat in several stages, plus new categories that water heater, solar water heater to enter the highly competitive market degree no doubt.

The past two years, faced with a number of companies are involved in water heater industry, and some gas water heaters, electric water heater brands involved in the situation, I personally think that it should concentrate on, protect the electric water heater market. As compared to speaking, gas water heater electric water heater is more easily brand involved, because more complex technical gas water heater, and gas supply, water and power are related to environmental factors, both in terms of product factors or environmental factors is more complex, Gas companies will be more advantage of technology accumulation. Sakura’s general manager Liao Jinzhu that: electric water heater gas water heater than simple use of the environment, gas water heater to use gas as the source of the differences, the hastily into the brand, the pressure is considerable.

Gas water heater because it involves gas, electricity, water, coupled with computer-controlled now, even more complex, the brand wants to seize the domestic market, must be needed to train their internal organs to make up scientific and technological content of products. Because the concept of gas water heater can not speculation, Chinese brands can not be quick success, we must start from the emphasis on product development, then attention to quality and service, and create word of mouth, more efforts. When technology, quality and service are in place, the natural value of the brand out on the manifest, then there is the trust of consumers, competition, opportunity comes.

Security is the water heater industry to develop important technical thresholds, regardless of burning heat, electric or the water heater, security is the first element, the brands are all attached great importance to product safety. Gas water heater from the vertical – flue – Strong row – balance, along the way, because of security needs. Water Heater all brands should be safe as a social responsibility to consumers to use to create a secure environment for consumers to use without worry, then have faith in the brand and products. Currently, the industry also are aware of the various brands the importance of safety in the marketing, technical and measures taken in terms of product safety. Such as our cherry blossom “permanent free security” activities is a continuing pursuit of security. Gas water heater in the development process of the enterprise has accumulated a deep technical accumulation, thermal heating fuel market brands involved must first be digested is safety control technology.

Your business brand management in the right place
This issue, from the business point of view I think: no matter what business product, the heater brands operating in a very important point is to pinpoint its own position, and market competition to its own positioning. Some brands current industry downturn is not insisted on brand positioning, the error into a price war. Therefore, enterprises should play in the course of business, their strengths, and make their core products. For example: gas water heater is the core of cherry products, cherry hot burning need to do in the industry leading brands. Facing the main Japanese rival the energy rate and the forest, of course, as the PRD million and, MACRO is also very strong, but with the cherry blossoms are very different position, so Sakura’s rival is, strictly speaking, be able to rate, forests, research and development in technology to compete with these two brands. Compared in terms of these two brands, the advantage of cherry mainly in marketing, such as now in addition to Wuhan, Chongqing, Shanghai and forest difficult competition, other areas are still a significant advantage cherry.

But because the market capacity of large electric water heater, electric water heater in the area so Sakura will not give up, will continue to learn from colleagues of excellent experience in technology research and development efforts to seek first, change, and upgrade. At present, the cherry blossoms already have anti-grid electric water heater, digital, energy-saving technologies and other advanced selling point. In fact, there are cherry electric water heater in 1998, but did not further develop the market, now is to restart the water heater industry to fight for the electric water heater and as a cherry core products continue to operate. BOLA TANGKAS