Know How To Use And Read Vu Meters

For anyone interested in the audio field, whether it be television, phones, computers, video or audio recording, the VU meter is an essential tool. A VU meter measures sound in volume units (VU). Many people use VU meters on a regular basis and are not aware of what they are or how to use them. In fact, they are often included in home audio equipment to help indicate volume. Needless to say, it is important for anyone working in the audio field to be aware of its usage and indications.

VU meters have been around for many years and date back to the time of the first telephone and radio broadcasts. Technicians needed to know the amount of volume output in order to avoid distortion and the like. Not only are they a very important piece of equipment for anyone in the broadcast field but they are very reliable. This technology has been proven time and time again to be accurate for volume readings. A basic VU meter will have numbers in a sequential order from left to right and a needle which indicates the volume at a specific time. The needle will often bounce back and forth as volume or sound increases and decreases within a segment. More common today is the LED version, which has green and red lights signaling the increase and decrease of sound similar to the basic version. However, these meters will tell the user the volume of the media itself and not necessarily the volume at which they are listening. Usually, recording professionals need to be aware of this reading when recording onto a CD or other device, so that the volume is not too high or too low. A regular consumer may also be concerned about this when recording with a camcorder or similar device.

Aside from recording professionals, there are other uses for VU meters such as for live shows and bands. Musicians should be aware of these meters, because they are often included in amplifiers and preamps. In this case it can be used to indicate power showing the musician that the amplifier is producing a sound signal. It is necessary for musicians to know what the meter means, so that they can successfully produce music at the right volume.

Indeed, VU meters are an essential part in today’s technological world. Not only do they serve a purpose for producers and musicians but they also provide an easy way for consumers to record their own things with ease. It is no surprise that without the invention and use of these meters, the world would be a lot different. BOLA TANGKAS