Korean Restaurants in Los Angeles

There are various oriental restaurants in the Los Angeles area. One type of oriental food that has become an instant hit is Korean food. Los Angeles is home to dozens of Korean restaurants.


Below you will find descriptions of the best Korean foods that Los Angeles has to offer. The following restaurants include Woo Lae Oak Beverly Hills, Wharo Korean BBQ, Seoul Dosirak, Seoul Jung and Cho Sun Galbee.


Woo Lae Oak Beverly Hills


Woo Lae Oak Beverly Hills is a trendy Korean restaurant that does everything right and it is spectacular. BBQ food is grilled right at your table for a more authentic and exciting experience.


Some of the great meals that Woo Lae Oak has to offer include the marinated tuna tartar, roasted baby pork ribs, Dungeness crab & leek, barbecued Ostrich, barbecued filet mignon, barbecued kobe beef and barbecued swordfish.


You may even catch a celebrity or two dining here at Woo Lae Oak. You can find Woo Lake Oak at 623 S. Western Ave., in Los Angeles, 90005.


Wharo Korean BBQ


Wharo Korean BBQ is a fun experience because you get to lead the night away while cooking. You can grill your food at your table or if you would like the night off, one of the experts can do it all for you. Wharo Korean BBQ has been called the best Korean restaurant and one of the top 10 restaurants in the Los Angeles area, specifically for its BBQ and Korean tastes.


Some food samplers include Seared Tuna Sashimi Carpaccio, Crab Wrap, Ahi Tuna Salad, Ginseng Salad, Kogi Gui (boneless short ribs, filet mignon, Kobe beef, chicken, shrimp and scallops), Kalbi Soup, Mul Naeng Myun and Bibimbop. This Korean restaurant is located at 4029 Lincoln Blvd., in Marina Del Rey, 90292.


Seoul Dosirak


Seoul Dosirak is a great place to have lunch. This Korean Restaurant has a wide variety of Korean cuisine as well as other oriental cuisines ready for you to try.


Every day the menu is changed and the food here is very cheap for the amount of food you receive. Some items on the menu include soy bean paste stew, miso soup, pork cutlet, spicy Korean chicken, vegetable stew and fried mackerel.


Seoul Jung


Seoul Jung has blended traditional and modern to create this restaurant. The interior design is contemporary yet traditional pieces from South Korea have given it that Korean feel.


In addition, the traditional food is at times mixed to create more modern dishes at this Korean restaurant. The cuisine list includes Crabmeat rolls, spinach crepes, beef and pork dumplings, boneless short ribs, prime rib-eye steak, filet mignon, Manila clams, and Lobster casserole.


This Korean restaurant is at 930 Wilshire Blvd., in Los Angeles, 90017.


ChoSun Galbee


ChoSun Galbee is a great Korean start off restaurant if you are new to Korean food. This is a nice tranquil restaurant with good food. Some of their specialties include barbecued black tiger shrimp, Mul NengMyun, Geh Chigae and the Hwae Dup Bap.


ChoSun Galbee is situated at 3330 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, 90019.


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