Korn Has to Be One of the Best Bands of All Time!

One of the most influential bands of our lifetime is the incomparable Korn. Korn is the reluctant pioneer of the nu metal genre and creates music unlike anyone before them. They have sold over 30 million albums worldwide and remain one of the most popular bands on the music scene.

Korn was formed in 1993 from the remnants of the band L.A.P.D. Three members of the group, Reginald Arvizu, James Shaffer, and David Silveria added guitarist Brian Welch. From there, they recruited singer Johnathan Davis after they witnessed his performance in the band Sexart. It was then that Korn began to create and record original music for the first time. They recorded a demo called Neidermeyer’s Mind that failed to garner much initial interest.

Due to the climate of the music scene at the time, grunge rock was at the forefront of most music executives minds. However, one visionary executive by the name of Paul Pontius was able to see talent ahead of everything else. He heard them at a nightclub performance and signed them immediately.

It was then that they came out with their first album and single entitled “Blind”. Of all of the Korn merch that’s out there, this is perhaps the most raw and unedited version of the band. It was their first successful single on the radio. Despite the songs minor success, the band grew most of their following from unbelievable live performances. Even though they didn’t have much radio play or successful music video, their album Life is Peachy debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200.

Their most commercially successful album came out in 1998, entitled Follow the Leader. It spawned the singles “Freak on a Leash” and “Got the Life”. It helped introduce Korn to a whole new audience through the power of MTV. “Got the Life” was TRL’s first retired video due to its immense popularity. That album alone sold 10 million copies across the world.

Since that time Korn has released several more albums with a total of nine releases. Korn merch is some of the hottest items you can find. They have changed the lineup around slightly, but remain one of the hardest hitting bands on the planet. In 2004 longtime member Brian “Head” Welch announced that he was leaving the band because he became a born again Christian. At first, many people believed that this was a hoax or a joke. However, since then “Head” has gone on to be an influential Christian and was even baptized in the Jordan River. Since that time, founding drummer David Silveria also departed the band.

Although Korn has shifted the lineup twice, they are still a wildly popular band with a sound all their own. The world awaits the next studio album and tour from them with eager anticipation.