LaLique, Masterpieces of the very best in Luxury Decor

From the very launch LaLique has manafactured reoccurring themes for their splendid luxury crystal models of the very best. These have typically included the female appearance, partnered with flora and fauna. The female form was commonly portrayed as being exceptionally sensual and voluptuous set with having a mystifying side. This was an ode to female attractiveness and it allowed LaLique to play with reflections within the crystal to suggest and mirror the fine and stylish qualities of a women.

When it comes to flora and fauna LaLique used flowers, birds, fruit and trees married with fish, insects and even birds in their fabulous and exciting designs and creations. Nature has and constantly will play an enormous source of inspiration for the luxury group in their Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs.

Since the founding of LaLique in 1921 all of the luxury products have been manafactured in Wingsen-sur-Moder. Tradition is very importnant to the group and always will be, it is the main focus even today. These traditions have been passed down throughout the decades and are seen in each of the unmatched designs to come from LaLique. The band is home to some of the very best artists and designers who have the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, this is a distinction that is only acquired at the end of a Nationwide contest that takes part every 3 years. All designers working with the luxury crystal pieces show the very best when it comes to technical knowledge and the practise of customary skills. Their inventiveness when modelling the pieces is evaluated mutually with how they are able to grasp the long-established and the up-to-the-minute strategies.

Each and every artist at LaLique pride themselves on their proficiency and are even involved in making some of the equipment that they work with, using the old customary techniques to make them. It takes a great deal of understanding to be able to blow, whirl and form the pieces LaLique are known for all over the world. To give life to an very good new luxury formation it is all about first taming the matter that is used for that creation and then calming down the molten crystal to define the absolute best and exclusive shape of the item.

The amazing colours of each piece are what set apart the piece as being from LaLique. A vast deal of study goes into the colors of the countless metal oxides and the very best rare earths that are added to the compositions used. Each one of these is matchless and is what delivers the precise color to the crystal. LaLique use more than 100 colors and shades in totality, some of which are very testing to work with.

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