Las Vegas Parking Enforcement

Once you make a trip to Las Vegas be sure to park in the spaces provided to you. For those who park in a Handicap parking space without prior credentials, on duty officers of the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement team are on the look out for the violators. So remember, they will also be looking out for people who park in fire lanes, the officers know all the business owners and they feel a responsibility to them in keeping these fire lanes at all times. Each of these special officers of the Detention and Enforcement Department’s Parking Enforcement Unit know their business. They feel a great responsibility to the city.

Las Vegas Parking Enforcement means just that. Don’t let yourself be caught parking where you shouldn’t park. They now hold into their hand a computer to issue parking tickets. This system eliminated the need to issue a ticket manually. Now you will receive a computer generated ticket which can be viewed by the Hearings Office with the exact time you received it. Each parking enforcement officer’s daily activities are logged exactly and are now also computer generated. They work diligently and take their jobs very seriously to keep parking spaces open for tourists, the Las Vegas public and business owners.

The latest electronic parking meter allows you to use a special key called a Cash Key which can be reprogrammed every time the amount of funds or credits you have allotted to it runs out. $ 600 is the maximum amount of credits that can be assigned to this special key right now. In this manner tourists and the public do not have to carry cash in their pockets to pay for parking, just the Cash Key. With these new technologies the Las Vegas Parking Enforcement has streamlined how it goes about its business.

Las Vegas Parking Enforcement chooses to use Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles which are so efficient in reducing the effects of pollution and also the exorbitant costs of fuel. The Las Vegas Parking Enforcement officers make use of bicycles called “ZAP”, which have electronic assist motors and are exceptional in the congested areas of Las Vegas. The officers using bicycles are all certified by the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association. All of these enhancements are an on-going commitment to be a cost effective and efficient Las Vegas Parking Enforcement Unit. Learn more about Las Vegas Parking Enforcement.