Laser Hair Removal Prices and Information

Although it’s not common knowledge there are actually quite a few different types of hair removal related to laser removal.

1. Pulsed Light (IPL) / Ultimate Light
2. The Diode Laser (in wavelengths of 800nm to 810nm)
3. Nd: Yag (1064nm wavelength)
4. Ruby (694nm wavelength)
5. Alexadrite (755nm wavelength)

All five of these are used in practice today in varying degree for different reasons. Some are because that is what the operators are used to or just like better than the other. Being that the capabilities of each of these systems vary to a degree I dug up as much information as I could.

Hair in some places is good – in others not so much. With the technology we have today we are able to all but eliminate shaving in all the pain-in-the-rear places after just a few visits to a laser hair removal center. (pun intended). What kind of places can you have treated you ask? Well I thought you would ask that so I did some research for you.

Bikini Area

Facial Hair


Back Hair


Chest and Abdominal Hair


That doesn’t leave much of your body you can’t treat! I hope that is good news for some of you (it was for me). I’ll go into a bit more detail for each of the areas. I’ll give you heads up on the important stuff like how many treatments will it take, and what kind of results to expect. I will also include some reasons you might consider having the area treated.

The bikini area – This is one of the most sought after and requested procedures in the industry. Folliculitis is common in this area when waxed or shaved. Inflammation of the hair follicles is very common and laser hair removal can eliminate the problem. How many treatments you will have to endure is completely dependent on the thickness of the hair and skin color. Hair removal in this location has been proven to reduce or eliminate hair growth and diminishing or completely stopping recurrent folliculitis.

Facial Hair – What would all you guys out there think about not EVER having to shave your neck again? I’m with you on that one and have decided to get have laser removal on this area myself. But us men aren’t the only people who might want some hair removed from our face. Women too can get rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip and sides of the face. The common person will probably be able to see a reduction in the area of 50 -75% after three treatments, usually six weeks apart. With men and some women a few “maintenance” visits will be required after then but for most people that will be all you need.

Underarms – This is one of the quickest treatment areas as far as time spent under the laser. Not only is it a smaller area on your body but it responds well to the treatment. Like all other areas skin color and coarseness will determine number of treatments.

Legs, Chest and Abdominal Hair, and Arms – The last three treatment areas are very similar and can take the longest to rid of unwanted hair. There has been more discomfort associated with treating the chest than any other part of the body possible due to the amount of area covered in single treatments. Trips back for follow up treatments are common for up to two years in some cases. These are also some of the most expensive treatment areas but more on that in a later post.

Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Pricing for hair removal can vary around the country for reasons unknown. In the western United States you will pay an average price of $ 375 per visit but things get weird from there. In the north central areas of the U.S. you will pay considerably less at around $ 150 per visit. Reports from the eastern states show that the average visit will set you back almost $ 500 per visit! The south central areas will suffer just as much and maybe a few dollars more. Why it’s this way is anybody’s guess and I’m sure more than one factor plays a part in the pricing. Here is a more detailed list of pricing per procedure type.

Area: Average Cost for 1 Treatment

Bikini: $ 350 – $ 500
Back Hair: $ 600 – $ 900
Lower Legs: $ 600 – $ 850
Upper Legs: $ 600 – $ 850
Arms: $ 350 – $ 500
Chest: $ 250 – $ 600
Under Arms: $ 250 – $ 350
Face & Neck: $ 600 – $ 900

As you can see prices can vary a lot between the different parts of the body. What was more surprising to me was how much price varied across the country. So I guess if you have the chance and don’t live there already, plan your next vacation around a trip to Illinois! The most important thing you can take away from this post thought is that you should always pay a visit to a few different treatment centers before deciding who to go with. Don’t let price be the only determining factor either! Sometimes you do pay for what you get and when you are dealing with health I is important that you don’t pinch pennies.

-Jason Stephenson