Latest Internet Tricks and Web Frauds

We all know that advertising on the internet is steady growing in popularity. That means more scammers out there just waiting to take advantage of you. But you will not fall victim of there tricks after you read the latest internet scams tactics that make up most of the web frauds you see out there.

It seems like the con artist are turning to using blogs to set up there cons. You will see pictures of families on vacation telling you how they made their small fortune from the web. Or you will see some simple looking housewife that claims she lost a lot of weight using a simple product. They will always seem to be from your area. Think that is a coincidence. Not!

Their site will be set up to detect your IP address location so the software can fill in the city nearest you. If you think that the person is from your area then you might feel more comfortable taking a chance on the product. That is what they are counting on.

What about those pictures they us? They seem like real people with spouses and children. That looks convincing but you can find pictures like that all across the web. Just insert an image and type in a name and like that you have a real likable looking person telling you their story. Some of the same pictures can be found on different sites with different names so be careful.

Check the name of their blog. Web frauds usually have different various of their name and most people who have been conned by these sites will list the that name and it affiliates. Do a simple search before you end up falling for the latest internet scams.

You will also see that this product has been seen on tv news shows and they will give you an impressive looking list they claim to have been seen on. But a quick check will reveal that there are no connections with any of these news cast.

They will tell you that the deal they are offering will expire by a certain date. Too bad it is just a script that fills in a date from the current date usually about 1 or 2 days after. Just check back a couple days later and you will see the date has changed.

The latest internet scam of them all is to tell you that you will be given something for free just pay the very low cost of shipping and handling. It is normally around $ 2 or so. Con artist use this web fraud to get your credit card numbers and then you will be billed every month until you find away to cancel.

So these are the thing you need to look out for if you do not want to be a victim of the latest internet scams. Web frauds will be apart of any online experience so don’t let your guard down. They may seem legit but that is the purpose. That is why you need to arm yourself with knowing the tricks of the trade.