LAVA B2 – Power Of Simplicity

Lava has entered into the market of mobile with a bang and how!! It sure has created a flutter in the world of mobile. With the already existing and overcrowded mobile world the LAVA has set its foot and rooted itself in a very short span. The LAVA mobile has some innovative ways in their products that sets it apart from the rest of the competition. The company boosts of giving the mobile phone the latest technology and looks that will sure make you stand tall in the crowd. The mobile phone from LAVA will help you stay connected from any part of the world. The LAVA has come up with the new venture the LAVA B2 that is now up on the market and is in the form of ‘alpha-keypad’ mobile handset. The LAVA B2 as the company claims is one of its kinds in the mobile world today.

You will find the LAVA B2 to be a spin-off basically in the ever-increasing popular line of the QWERTY keypad handsets; however you will find the alphabets to be in alphabetic order rather than the computer like keyboard like the QWERTY layout of the letters. You will see that the alphabet “A” is at the top and to left of the mobile phone and the “Z” is at the bottom and to the right of the mobile phone. The LAVA B2 comes in color black, which is quite stunning and looks attractive too.

The LAVA B2 is a dual-SIM phone, supporting two GSM cards at a time. The LAVA mobile phone has a 2.2 inch screen and it displays 65k colors at 220 x 176 pixels. The LAVA B2 comprises of a standard VGA camera and is ready for internet usage, that too with the opera mobile web browsers and the Nimbuzz application which can be used for instant messaging. The mobile phone can also support email and the social networking services.

Read the LAVA B2 review before you make a purchase and assure yourself with all the functions and the features that are world class and at par with its competitors. The LAVA B2 mobile phone is now available for Rs. 3, 999, but can differ from store to store. The handset is also available in the market in the form of the QWERTY format and for the same price. It also features digital camera with double speakers, MP3, AMR, 3GP and weighs 118.5g only.

Grainger’s World – Images of Italy

A very stylish portrayal of a very stylish country. From the enchantment of the Tuscany region through to the classic charm of the opera at Verona and a gondola regatta in Venice. In the medieval city of Siena, witness the world’s most unconventional horse race, the Palio, with its wild scenes of fierce emotions.
In Chianti country, enjoy typical Tuscan fare prepared by someone who represents all that is old Italy, Lorenza de’ Medici. In the city of Arezzo, join the thrill of the annual Giostra del Saraceno, their tournament for jousting.
In Italy’s centre of culture, Florence, watch artisans at the Monastery of Santa Croce. Share the moving scenes as the Pope gives his Sunday Angelus at his country residence in the hills outside Rome, Castlegondolfo. In Naples, observe Italian lovers in their newspaper-shielded cars, taste the national delicacy of Mozzarella, sail to Capri, playground of the rich and famous, and climb the infamous Mount Versuvius with Vicenzo Cardola, official guide now well into his 80’s.
Thrill to the legacy in style left to the world by Enzo Ferrari, take a glimpse at a personal fashion show in Milan, and drop in on the mansions of Lake Como.
Follow the truffle hunters of Alba, their specially trained dogs heading into the forests in search of this elusive hypogean fungus they call Tartufo.
Climax of our Italian experience is in Venice, for the annual regatta of gondoliers.
The final scenes are every bit as chaotic as those at the jousting in Arezzo, or the horse race at the Palio. But it’s chaos with style as only the Italians know how.