Law Of Attraction – 3 Tips To Help You Let Go

Law of attraction allowing is a sticking point for most.

Letting go fights human nature. You are trained to attach. You resist letting go.

To effectively use the LOA train yourself to let go.

Take Frequent Breaks

Take breaks every hour for at least 5 minutes.

Not being able to take a break from your work is an attachment. If you are engaged in a job that doesn’t allow you to break on the hour take 5 minute breaks when you can.

If you are a home based entrepreneur you have no excuses. You make the schedule so pencil yourself in for 5 minutes each hour.

Taking breaks dissolves attachments. When attachments slowly degrade you naturally allow.

Pulling back is a blessing for it teaches you exactly what you’re attached to.

Picture It

Picture yourself living your dream life now.

Tap into the emotions. Taste, touch, smell, see and hear your mental picture. The emotions create the picture; feelings are a powerful force which drive the law of attraction.

Your subconscious mind can’t differentiate between what’s imagined and what’s real. Generating the emotions of having something creates that some thing.

Some advise picturing your desire than letting it go. The issue with this strategy? After letting go the picture of a desire most tend to spend all day picturing what they don’t want. Their dream picture is canceled out and overridden by countless images that create fear, tension, anger and stress.

If you visualize a mansion, let the image go and spend the rest of your day building images of bills, financial shortfalls and poverty expect to attract poverty.

You can combine step one with the picturing step. Take breaks each hour to paint your mental picture in detail.

Practice Inspired Action

The law of attraction is a law based on your state of vibration.

Your feelings precede your reality. When you choose to feel low energy you attract low energy situations and people. The opposite is true too. Feel high energy, attract high energy circumstances.

Inspired action cuts a straight path toward your goal. High energy = Magnet to good. Busy work attracts more busy work. Hard work attracts more tension and toil.

Practice acting inspired. If not inspired you waste your time. Take a 5 minute break to go for a walk or sit in silence. Let the negative “stuff” go then move into inspired action.

This takes practice because most aren’t accustomed to acting inspired in a hard work world.

The law of attraction is the law of life. Practice following these steps to allow and prosper.