Law of Attraction and Money – Manifesting Faster

When people first learn of the Law of Attraction and money process, the first thing people feel is excited that there is a process that can literally begin changing peoples lives into what they want. Many carry out the techniques with limited or no success at all. However one thing I am asked by clients who come to see me, is How do I get what I want and how do I get it to come quick?

Well the answers are actually within the questions, the only things that are ever required to attract what you want and attract it quickly, are:

1 Believe it.
2 Expect it.

That’s it, just those two small phrases. However when we look at it a bit more closely, those small words are large hurdles for some to cross. Lets look at them.

Believe it – what does this mean or imply. Well what it means is that you have complete and total trust that what you want to attract can come. The thing is most people do not believe it, they have doubts does this work, is it real, can I believe this, If its this easy why is everyone not doing it. All these and many more I am sure you can think of create a contradiction. The thing is because the contradictions have been in your life longer usually since childhood, they can be more powerful than the experience / things that you want to attract.

So the first thing is release old beliefs from the past and the now regarding the situation you want to attract.

Expect it – I mean really expect it free from doubt, you expect your phone bill, electricity bill to come each month or quarter, you expect the day to follow night, or night follow day, you expect the world to keep spinning. This the type of expectation I mean. When these two things are in place you have what is called.

Positive Expectation

When you are in this state, about the experience / things that you want to attract, then it comes to you in a matter of a few short days or weeks. That’s all there is too it, get to a place of positive expectation and allow the Law of Attraction and money techniques to work for you, or whatever it is that you want to attract.