Law of Attraction – Why Surrendering Or Letting Go is So Important

The Law of Attraction principle that is one of the most important ones, is letting go of your thoughts about how your desire should show up, or that you HAVE to have it manifest. This article is about surrendering to the Law and allowing it to manifest what you want.

Wanting is the opposite of having and wanting sends out negative vibrations that only attract more wanting frequencies. You don’t want that.

Let me tell you a story about the first time I was exposed to walking on burning hot coals. This was something that I had read about-people actually could walk on hot coals without burning their feet. I really wanted to have this experience. We were under a tarp that was put up to keep out the snow that fell now and then, and we watched as the bonfire slowly burned down to red hot glowing coals. I was very anxious about this, I wondered if I could really do it. I allowed a bit of doubt to enter my consciousness.

I watched as other people walked across those coals and so started to unlace my shoes. They tied themselves into a knot. I quickly changed my mind, realizing that if I didn’t get to it, I might miss the chance totally. Then the lace came untied easily, and I successfully walked across those coals without so much as a feeling of warmth. As I stepped onto the wet carpet (placed at the other side of the coals, to collect any stray bits that might have attached beneath our toes,) I immediately felt the extreme cold of the wet. Funny, we hadn’t programmed in about the cold, just the heat.

Surrendering is allowing your desire to take place. It is just knowing that your desire will manifest. It is a firm belief that what you want is there for you to accept. It is knowing that you can have it. It has been said that Faith is what makes hope become real, the evidence of what you don’t yet see. But it’s on its way.

By hanging onto a smidgen of doubt that what you want is impossible, you are not allowing it to manifest. That doubt is attracting more energy vibrations of doubt that just multiply and block your desire from coming to you.

Surrendering is just a change of your thoughts. Just a change of mind. You do it all the time– change your mind about something. It’s really very easy to do. If I had not determined that I WOULD walk on those coals, I would have missed a very exciting experience of my life. I just surrendered to the fact that I COULD walk on those hot coals.