Leadership Guided by Integrity

If one were to ask a Student, employee, private/public official, or one who is a seeker in the knowledge of understanding organizational human behavior; What is amongst the most challenging aspects of interpersonal relations? I venture to say the word integrity will be in the run for the top three positions.

In the world of leadership there are numerous words floating around these days about leadership. Such as: futuristic leadership, generalization leadership, millennium leadership and so on. What one will observe, in whatever profession that progress will be hindered with nuisances, anger and aggravation constantly; if the fundamental issues and principles of integrity are not discussed. The central and core elements of integrity is a factor that is quite prevalent, particularly in the medical profession, for example the Medicare physician payment system is flawed and unable to keep up with the sustaining growth rate, especially with the baby-boomers coming of age and a struggling economy this issue has been a problem for years.

I must be quite candid where is the integrity; when we pump more money into our educational system in the world K-12 but yet rank somewhere around 23 in the world and our numbers are quite dismal in math and science. Our home loan banking system is an embarrassment, truly lacking in leadership based on integrity, as in my view it is nonexistent and much of the recession we are currently grappling with stems from the billions of dollars that spewed out with no regard to the principals of moral code of ethics.

From my perspective leadership is not possible if leaders are unable to abide by the moral codes of integrity, honesty, and truthfulness, with the outlets of accountability and reliability. As in my view, leaders must become proud of their track record on being legitimate leaders who are sincere in their approach to be servant leaders. If leaders are void with the concept of integrity then the concept of progressive leadership is just a word, in essence it becomes meaningless.

Individuals who really do want to have a trustworthy collaboration with a potential business partner or relationship with a collaborative joint venture must do so with the MOU of Integrity. You seem integrity needs to play a key role in the creation aspects of a memorandum of understanding; in solidifying an agreement between all stakeholders. Otherwise, one might as well fold up the chairs because the ballgame never really got started in the first place. Integrity must be he central theme during dialog and negotiations of a partnership.

Lets take a look at the questionable practices of what is transpiring in the world of technology. In particular, this fairly new era in the world of technology. Specifically, lets review many in the on-line marketing sector and ML M’s in particular. Many individuals in the Internet on-line marketing and ML M’s are getting scammed by Internet predators that prey on the desperate. As there is absolutely no integrity and there are a ton of so called marketing Internet gurus who claim to make thousands of dollars from home from one day to another. Many of these same gurus further claim anyone can make a ton of money, knowing darn well it just isn’t so. In many instances they claim no computer skills needed nor do you need any market knowledge to make a million dollars from one day to the other.

Well, I am here to tell you that is not so, it takes hard work, it takes money, it takes a knowledge base of what you’re doing, it takes a learning curve. And, yes it take finding what you will enjoy that in essence you love doing. But, however it also takes finding an organization and/or individual who can guide you along that could mentor one along who has a whole lot of integrity.

Remember, the old ethics statement of our past history as some have said it: “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”; well that statement stems from integrity, during a time when life was a bit less materialistic more theological based and more akin to be driven by a vision that was based on faith and a strong conviction to persevere.

Quite frankly, the study of interpersonal relations and leadership as a study are fairly recent; post World War II with McGregor theories of theory Y and theory X to describe management styles of individuals. Therefore, providing a better understanding of how and why certain managers make the decisions they do and how and why they interact with their subordinate or their supervisors the way they do. My point is that the central driving force when leading after it is all said and done and after a thorough discussion of all the theories that are floating around out there; integrity will be coming around the corner in pursuit of finding people and/or organizational harmony, peace, tranquility and progressive growth. Good Luck.