Learn From My Biggest Twitter Mistake – The Best Kept Twitter Secret!

If you are new to Twitter (or maybe not so new), you have probably been sucked into the idea that you need thousands of followers, quickly. This is absolutely the wrong advice. It’s good for selling automation software (I’ve bought most of it!) but what good are 10,000 followers if none are listening to you. Bet you haven’t even developed a rapport with 10 – 20 followers of this list of 10,000. The Twitter secret I’m about to share, will help you develop a Twitter following you can be proud of, and they may even respect you enough to become a listener.

OK then what is the Twitter secret? First and foremost, if you are using Twitter automation software that automatically follows someone when they follow you, turn it off. Yeah, I know you’ve been told if you don’t follow them, they won’t follow you back. So what. Did you ever go and look at the profiles of the people that are following you? Do you really want them following you? Most automatically followed you and don’t know or even care anything about you.

Fine, you say, so what do I do to get followers? Well for openers, (after you have turned off autofollow) is to start posting some interesting tweets. Not sales pitches, not tweets with links to something you are selling, — tweets about something you are interested in. Now, for the next couple of days, watch and guess what?  People will start following you, even though you didn’t autofollow them back.

Now, and this is where the work (or fun) comes in. For the people following you, take the time to look at their BIO. Is it interesting? Do you want to develop a personal Twitter relationship with them? Next look at their tweets. Look at 20-50 of their tweets. Is every tweet a tweet with a sales URL? Or, maybe they are actually tweeting about something interesting. Good rule of thumb, if they are sending more than 5 sales tweets out of 100, think long and hard if you want to follow them.

Let me tell you, if you do this for a week, you’ll look at Twitter in a completely different light. You might even consider getting a completely new Twitter account to test this concept on. Use this Twitter secret and open a completely new world to your Twittering. Have fun.