Learn From The Best Horse Race Handicappers – The Best Trainers and Agents

Did you ever wonder who the best handicappers are?  If you bet on horse races and handicap horse races you know how difficult it is to make a profit from your bets.  You’ve probably asked yourself before, “Can anybody win?”

The answer is, “Yes.”  There are people who make money from their handicapping expertise and I can tell you who they are.  They’re known as jockey agents and trainers.  Think about what their jobs require and you’ll see why I say that some of them are the best handicappers.

First of all, jockey agents have to pick good horses for their clients, the jockeys who ride for them, or they won’t make any money.  Not only that, if they don’t get the jockeys on good horses that win, the jockeys will fire them.  A good agent who can spot live horses and get the ride for his jockey is a handicapper to follow.  Just find a good rider and see which horses his agent gets him on.  You may notice a pattern.

The next group of great handicappers are the successful trainers.  Did you know that every trainer must be a handicapper?  There are two keys to success for horse trainers.  The first is being able to condition a horse so that it is in top form and can win.  That is the building block of success at all levels of their profession.

The second skill they must possess is the ability to read race conditions and put their horse in a race it can win.  That isn’t as easy as it may sound.  Not only do the best conditioners find the best spots for their runners, they also can handicap the race and look at the competition to know whether they want to keep the horse in the race.

Every day, many horses are scratched because their trainer knew the competition in the race was too strong.  That tells you several things.  First of all, he or she really wants to win with the horse and isn’t just fiddling around.  Secondly, that horse was too weak to beat those horses.  What does this tell you?  It tells you the horses ability level and that it is ready to win at the right level.  Just by watching this one move I have had many winners.  If you can’t figure out how to pick winning horses by reading past performances, then figuring out how to win by handicapping the trainers is the next best thing.  

They do the work of rating the other horses in the race and reading the conditions.  You just have to know when they finally have the right spot for their horse that is ready tow in.