Learn How to Live Frugally

I’d wager that you’d have to be living under a rock to not know how insane food prices seem to be these day. In the grocery store the other days, eight items came to a total of $ 41.02 and these were not things like steak and caviar but everyday things like flour and bacon. The gas pump as well, is also ready to take a pop shot at your wallet. With no end in sight for the tough economy, it might be time to give frugal living another thought.

One way put frugality into use is to be aware of loss-leader marketing and then avoiding falling for loss-leader ploys. Loss-leader marketing by the way, is when a store of manufacturer, make an offer to consumers where initially, the store or manufacturer will be providing something at a loss. Once the consumer has taken advantage of the loss-leader, the store or manufacturer will profit by means of an up-sell, or reoccurring purchases. One example of this is the disposable razor industry. Gillette sends you the handle for the razor and a couple cartridges in the mail for free but they more than cover their cost through the high cartridge prices. Now compare that with old-school shaving. For the price of 5 Gillette Mach III cartridges, I can buy a year of disposable blades for my DE shaver. The bottom line is stay away from offers where you get something for free in exchange for a monthly plan **cough, cell phones cough** or reoccurring cost.

Food is probably the single easiest way to save money. There’s also an interesting parallel here between frugality and dieting and that’s the concept of shopping the perimeter of the store. You see the outer edge of the store is where you find the “raw” ingredients. Things that haven’t been processed like fruit, vegetables, seafood etc. Not only are these ingredients usually cheaper, you’ll be avoiding the chemical mysteries of the processed foods. Who knew eating healthier was eating cheaper?

Our final frugal tip is learning the real way to recycle and that’s by reusing and repurposing things that you might throw away. I have to qualify this by saying real recycling because generally the top of recycling done by the garabage collection agency is a scam, which is why it has to be subsidized by tax-payer money. Additionally, in most cases it’s actually worse for the environment. The good news is though, you’ve been repurposing things since you were a kid, just back then it was called arts and crafts. An example of a something old being put to a new and good use; I turned to worn 16″ bicycle rims into a clothes hanger for socks and handkerchiefs to air dry. Another idea would be using an old athletic sock to store plactic shopping bags.

So there you have it, three simple tips for living more frugally and the best part, there isn’t anything to buy to put these tips into use. What’s more, when you put these tips into place, for the first time, you’ll be looking out for you and your family’s best interest rather than the corporate world’s. For more information on being thrifty in modern times, please visit the Frugal Living Blog.