Learn How to Lose Belly Fat Now!

Foods are generally categorized into 2 major groups – healthy and the unhealthy. We all know that deep-fried items, processed foods and foods with high fats and sugar content obviously fall into the first category, while whole grains, low fat/sodium/sugar and fresh fruits fall into the latter (healthy) category. However, many people failed to realize that even foods which are genuinely healthy, can also contribute significantly to our weight gain or hinder our weight loss if over-consumed. Even worse, some of our perceived “healthy foods” may in fact turn out to be not as healthy as claimed.

Here are some examples of how good foods turn bad:

1. Seeds and Nuts

They do contain healthy unsaturated fats. However, unsaturated fats (no matter how healthy it sounds) are STILL fats, and will not be beneficial in maintaining our waist line. Eating large amounts of seeds and nuts (unconscious eating, especially in front of TV) will not only spike your fats intake but also the amount of calories you will be consuming. ep, healthy. Most nuts are more than fifty percent fat!

2. Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice may sound healthy, but it can be jam packed with calories. A cup of apple juice would usually be made up of 2 to 3 apples, hence tripling the amount of calories taken in as opposed to eating the fresh fruit itself. Interesting, a glass of fruit juice has the same amount of sugar and calories as a glass of soda. The only difference is it contains the healthier type of sugar (fructose), but sugar nonetheless. It is also important to note the fruit juice sold in supermarkets may be in fact concentrates, made from artificial flavoring and jam packed with sugar content.

3. Dried Fruits

As healthy as it sounds, eating dried fruits may actually have the same calorie content as eating, let’s say, Oreo cookies. The only plus point is the fact that it is lower in fat content. However, we must know that dried fruits are actually energy-dense food. The water content of the fruit is taken out, leaving behind concentrates of sugar and calories. Eat dried fruit sparing. Eating fresh fruits instead would more than half the calories intake.

4. Salads

Many people believe that replacing a meal with salad is definitely a fail proof way of losing weight. WRONG. Surprisingly, certain salads contains up to 700 calories and 50 grams of fats. This is equivalent to eating 2 slices of pepperoni pizza or 2 big Macs! So much for the effort of dieting. One of the most unhealthy salads is actually Caesar Salad, which is jam packed with high fat mayonnaise and full of bacon bits and bread crumbs loaded with grease and butter. Not to forgot the high fat content of grated cheese as well as various seeds and nuts. Therefore, the trick is to CHOOSE FAT-FREE DRESSING AND TOPPINGS that goes with your salad.