Learn How to Prepare Chocolate Covered Peanuts for Christmas

Food preparation is a task that ladies find inevitable every Christmas. Foods and drinks make a major part of these celebrations and any others. If you do not know, the special fruits to serve this Christmas, you may want consider chocolate covered peanuts. Numerous people love eating peanuts and thus they cannot go to waste. By coating these nuts with chocolate, you will make them sweater and appetizing. If you are afraid of the task, you should know that it is simple and even enjoyable. If you have a party coming before Christmas, now is your chance to learn how to make nuts tastier.


You may even prepare some for your friends at the office or neighbors. Of course, you will have to put these fruits in a packet or tin and wrap them with a charming paper. As you will find out soon from major websites, recipes are many. You will even have trouble choosing the best recipe to try. One thing you should know is that all ingredients involved in preparing these chocolate-coated fruits are easily affordable. You do not even require any appliance that is not in your kitchen now.


Therefore, this will be one of the cheapest cooking activities you have ever done. If you are a novice candy maker, the following simple chocolate covered peanuts recipe can provide an easy start. Take a medium size saucepan and put a whole cup of chocolate chips, peanut butter and butterscotch in it. Then, place this pan on top of a stove and turn on the heat. As the pan warm up, the ingredients will start to melt. Do not provide too high temperatures because you want to prevent the blend from burning. As it melts, keep on stirring continuously.


In the meantime, cover a tray with a tin foil or a waxed paper. You could as well use a cookie sheet. Once the mixture melts, add a full cup of peanuts to the blend and keep stirring. This will help cover each peanut with the creamy mix. The next thing you want to do is to remove these tiny fruits from the mixture. You can use a soupspoon to remove them in groups or one by one. To have uniformly shaped nuts, shake the handle of your spoon against the saucepan’s rim. This will help in shaking off excess chocolate. Place your nuts on the tray or a cookie tray if you have it. This will help them cool and harden.


In case you want to make nut clusters, allow them to cool down in groups. Place them in the freezer or a refrigerator to quicken the cooling and drying process. After this, you can serve them to your guests and they will love them. This is a simple recipe, which you can try today. If you need to try a more challenging formula, try searching the web. Other formulas available could require you to buy some toppings to make your chocolate covered peanuts more appetizing. All those who may not have time to cook, these products are available for sale. Look for websites that are doing this type of business on the Internet.