Learn Italian – The Speech Of Great Romance And Great Dining

Since it is easy to learn, Italian is a really fun language to study. Learning Italian is a good thing to do if you are in love with an Italian. The family will be insistent on your understanding. It will also be necessary so that you are understood and so that you know what the names of all the new foods are. Using learn Italian software is a fast and convenient way to achieve this.

Asude from using learn new languages, also helps if you live there for a few months to immerse yourself in the language. Living in a small village is highly recommended for more reasons than the beautiful scenery. The relaxed tempo of life combined with the fact almost nobody can speak anything but Italian to you makes learning an easy task.

Cultural aspects of Italian will be a part of your learning experience: Sitting around the table over a meal for a whole afternoon, having arguments about just about everyone and everything, and a fixation on the past.

Italian relative to English is a small language about one third of the size. English, the language of colonialism for many centuries has incorporated whole vocabularies from different colonies into its basic structure. You will find the Romance, Germanic and even African languages incorporated. Its excursions into Europe had the same effect.

Often an Italian word seems like an English word with an ‘a’ or ‘e’ added on the end. Like ‘specialiste’ or ‘generale,’ which mean the same as their English equivalents, specialist and general. English also has many words based on the original Latin from which Italian grew.

So instead of having a separate word for different types of beauty as with English, in Italian you use the same word but differently, three times. Bella is all the range of looks including, beautiful, gorgeous, and pretty. You will feel as though it takes you very few words to express yourself as the gender of a person is part of the verb.

If you are familiar with Spanish, Portuguese or French, you will already know much of Italian. This is part of the simplicity of learning Italian. It belongs to the family of Romance languages.

You really need to be somewhere where you will hear Italian all around you for a whole day. It is spoken with great passion and you need to pick this up. What would be a real live fight in another language is merely an ordinary conversation for an Italian. They may even just be comparing the quality of coffee. It is very liberating to speak this way.

A very direct way of relating to the world around you, Italian is something that gets into your blood. When you return to speak your own language, you will find that there is a musical rhythm to what you are saying. You will also find yourself waving your arms and being all passionate in public!

Don’t learn the tenses of past, present and future first. Learn all the names for things first. Then start getting your verbs right and watch the structure fall into place. It is a musical language you are learning not an exercise in structure. BOLA TANGKAS
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