Learn more about Smart Meters

In a world where finances are tight, saving money on energy bills is a topic that sparks interest from even the richest of people. The Department for Energy and Climate Change in the UK has announced that by 2020 it wants to see smart meters in millions of homes, helping the public to save on energy bills and help the environment in the process.

What are Smart Meters?

A smart meter is, in essence, an advanced meter. The reason why Smart Meters are being pushed to the extent that they are is because the 21st Century has seen a huge increase in the demand for all things ‘green’. Scientists and world leaders have realised the damage humans are doing to the environment, and it has been predicted that if we don’t start doing something about it now (or soon) there will be serious consequences for future generations.

Save Money

The first global recession since World War II has resulted in people from all over the world ‘tightening their belts’ in terms of spending. No longer can people afford to splash out on endless luxuries, nor can they take part in certain activities without feeling guilty about damaging the environment.

The technology that will be used for these Smart Meters will enable homeowners to cut energy bills by paying more attention to usage. The meters have a display that allows the user to see the exact amount of electricity and gas they are using, with the information going to the energy firms automatically. Being able to keep an eye on how much energy you are using could be a big step forward in terms of saving money.


According to the BBC, trials of Smart Meters have resulted in some of the people taking part in the trials keeping an eye and even bringing down their energy use. On a larger, nationwide scale this could result in an incredible decrease in the amount of energy used.

As mentioned previously, not only will this save users plenty of money as they will be able to see the exact amount of energy used, it will help save energy too – thus helping to protect Mother Nature.