Learn Our Best Video Marketing Secrets

Video marketing has become the rage among Internet marketers. It can be used to create viral content, sales letters, product reviews, blog posts, and more. You’ll find many reasons why video marketing has become so appealing. Imagine the amount of time that can be saved by filming a video versus writing and spinning and article. This content can also be created once and then be viewed and submitted over and over again for years to come.With all these positive features, we believe everyone should try to implement videos into their business agendas.

I’m sure you will agree with us on how valuable video marketing is. When you learn how valuable high quality videos can be, you’ll be able to create viral traffics for years into the future. Read these Top Ten Video Marketing Secrets to learn how to create such content.

1. To make your videos look more professional, you’ll want to invest in better equipment. We recommend the Flip camera and a tripod, but simple web cams are OK as long as the lighting is correct.

2. Light your face from the front with a few lamps. Proper lighting makes you look more attractive as well as adding a level of professionalism to you shoot.

3. Create a title for your video first. You can make this keyword based for SEO purposes or something catchy and memorable for personal branding or blog posts. If possible, explain what benefit this video offers or pique your visitor’s curiosity with a question.

4. Outline what you’d like to say beforehand. This does not mean you’re using a script, but knowing what information you’re going to present saves awkward or unprofessional silences.

5. Make your first 15-30 seconds strong. Visitor’s have a short attentions span and if you can’t grab theirs quick, you’ll loose them. State the benefit your video offers within those first 15-30 seconds.

6. Eye contact always breeds trust, so make certain to look directly into the camera.

7. People want to see you, not a fake character. If you act authentically and show off your personality, your viewers will get to know you better and learn to trust you and your recommendations.

8. Have a clear call to action. Tell your visitors exactly what you’d like them to do at the end of your video.

9. To add a professional touch, perform some minor editing. This can be done with either Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for free. One basic thing to edit would be a creating a visual call to action at the end of the video.

10. Use either Traffic Geyser or Tube Mogul to blast your content any and everywhere possible.

Powerful viral traffic can be created by collection all your videos in one place, like a blog. Doing this can provide examples of social proof, create discussions through blog commenting, and allows your friends to share different blog posts on Facebook, Digg, or Stumble Upon. Following these video marketing tips today can help you out almost immediately. BOLA TANGKAS