Learn The Best Solution For Acne

Acne is a highly common skin disease which causes typical pimples, whiteheads and blackheads and is usually triggered by certain events. Though there really is no known permanent cure for it, there are various ways to help manage the condition. As this guide shows, understanding how to manage these trigger events is actually the best solution for acne.

Normal body activities which are controlled by the hormones such as menstrual cycles and puberty may play a role in the development of this condition. The hormones are known to stimulate the different oil glands to produce oil required by the skin. However, during puberty and times of stress, the oil glands tend to be overactive and more oil than is necessary is produced and may lead the pores to be blocked thus contributing to that break out.

Using anabolic steroids is another cause of the condition. Important to mention that the one which occurs in adult women could be a primary symptom of pregnancy and other associated disorders. Moreover, in menopausal women, the situation has been known to come about as a result of failure of ovarian estradiol hormone.

Our genetic makeup also plays a huge role. Remember your genes are inherited and quite related to your family. Thus If the condition runs in the family, there is a high likelihood of you developing the skin condition.

Much as this condition is not really caused by bacteria, the bacteria have been known to worsen the situation. The skin surface has the good bacteria which aims at protecting it from any harmful bacteria. However when oil gets locked in the hair follicles, it leads the good bacteria into growing in the blocked pore and this bacteria will end up producing chemicals that may change the contents of the oil, making it more irritating to your skin.

Another major contributor that leads to outbreak of this skin condition is the diet. This is especially true of diet high in glycemic load and the milk of a cow. Others like chocolate may contribute to the break outs as well.

Once you are able to positively identify factors leading to the break out and others which worsen the condition, managing it can be quite easy. The best solution for acne is to learn to manage the triggers. Highly recommended that you maintain high levels of cleanliness, eat a healthy meal, exercise and try to manage stress. BOLA TANGKAS