Learn the Stages of a Healthy Relationship – Look Forward For Happier Days

Everybody seems to be in some sort of relationship, but not all of them are considered healthy. A healthy relationship requires some work done, and for you to keep the passion alive, there are a few stages you need to go through before you can attest that it’s one strong and stable bond. Learn the stages of a healthy relationship below, know where you currently stand and address problems like a pro. Make it one a worthwhile relationship worth fighting for.

Getting to know. This stage is probably the most passionate. It is marked with thrill, attraction, interest and attention. It’s the stage when you are head over heels with each other, basing everything from rapport to sexual curiosity. You begin to learn about each other interests and goals, morals and plans for the future. It’s like experimenting all things available to find out if you two are very much attuned compatible.
Dealing with the issues. After all the early ecstasy of love and the blissful dreams of being together forever comes the tougher chapter: dealing with your limitations, flaws and issues. Every healthy relationship have to go through this stage to test the both of you if there’s more to it than just kissing and endless promises to stay together no matter what. This is the stage where you suddenly realize that your partner does actually have some shortcomings that will hurt you that you need to both address and settle. You also have your own weaknesses that your partner has to deal with. That’s alright. Problems will strengthen you both. Every relationship has to face an adversary or two.
Strong and stable commitment. Now that you’ve gone through all possible, or even almost destructive fights, and coming out alive comes your solid foundation as a couple. You’re both new persons now — still the same but more mature and embraced the wonderful challenge of change.

The excitement and intense longing has returned but you’re now both ready for heavier pressure of being totally committed to each other. Love your life! Enjoy the passion!