Learn to Read Tarot Cards – How to Choose the Best Deck For You

When you would like to learn to read tarot cards, one of the first decisions to make is which deck you are going to work with.

The tarot deck that you start to learn with is often not a matter of a conscious choice. It may be that the deck of tarot cards was a gift from someone else or it may be that you have had readings over time from a Tarot Reader and that is the deck that the reader has always used. It may be that the deck has been well reviewed somewhere and you have bought a deck sight unseen.

Many people, who acquire a deck of tarot cards in any of those ways, often find that they really don’t get on very well with the cards when they try to learn to read them.

This can be especially difficult if the deck is based on a particular time in history or a certain culture or a mythology or ideology. Some of these decks are exquisitely beautiful to look at, yet are not very practical unless you know a lot about the topic they relate to.

If you feel you are already quite psychic and intuitive, you may get on well with cards which are more like traditional playing cards, in that they are purely symbolic. That may be enough to trigger your psychic card reading skills.

One of the easiest decks to work with when you are starting to learn to read tarot cards is the Rider Waite deck. This deck is probably one of the most popular ones; it certainly has most books and material written about it.

It is not tied to any specific set of beliefs, although it draws symbolism from most of the major world religions and cultures dating back into time immemorial. Each of the cards has a picture, rather than merely symbolism. This means that you can look at the card and observe what is happening in the image.

As the human mind thinks in pictures, this can be a very effective way to learn to read tarot cards. It really is the case that a picture speaks a1000 words.

In addition to clear pictures, the Rider Waite deck of tarot cards does not have scary images, as is the case with some decks of tarot cards.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal choice. Pick a deck where you like and understand the images and you feel comfortable with the cards themselves, as you are going to be building up a long term relationship with them on your journey to learning to read tarot cards.

Amanda Goldston
Tarot Author, Coach and Reader
© 2009 Amanda Goldston